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Here's some news...the old version of "Multicom for Windows" (not the one currently being sold by CSS) is the offspring of a shareware program called Skyrider written by VE3GLA back in 1995. Apparently, the author wrote the software and MFJ then brought it "in house" by securing the author's assistance in debugging the shareware and adding valuable features like SSTV, and packet file transfer. The shareware version was then abandoned in favor of Multicom for Windows. But the shareware version lives on!

Before you load this, understand it is shareware! As such, you are requested to pay the author (VE3GLA) a small fee if you like the program. I have no association to VE3GLA whatsoever, and as such all requests for registration, etc should be (rightfully) addressed to him. I didn't program it...I just read the blurb in QST way back when and downloaded the software from the OAK FTPsite and still have the disks lying around.

Please read the install notes BEFORE you attempt to install!!!

Spectrogram 5.0

Need an audio spectral analysis program that isn't a pain in the rear end to set up and run? I have used the FreqV5.1 program, but hated doing the Ctrl-Esc routine to switch back and forth between programs. Now I have found a program I can run side by side with Skyrider in Windows without having to use a full size DOS window! And it's fully functional freeware! It can be run in three modes: bargraph, oscilloscope, or my opinion, every digital op should have a program like it.