All About KE4MOB...

Who am I? I have been a ham since 1994. I first started out as a DX hound, but then got drawn into the digital world--especially RTTY and Pactor. My radio interest goes back even further, to probably the early or mid-eighties. That's when I first got interested in SWL'ing, which later developed into a UTE monitoring interest with the gift of my first radio capable of SSB reception (a Radio Shack DX440, which I still have). In 1992 I moved up to the Drake R8 (still got that too). In 1993, my friends and I needed a cheap way to talk amongst ourselves when were out and about, so I did spend some time on 11 meters. Luckily, my elmer, KK4MW, introduced us to the capabilities of ham radio and that was that...I got my Tech Plus in June of '94 (callsign KE4MOB) and my Extra in November of '94.

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1992 with a BS in Chemical Engineering. I'm married and have two daughters, a dog, a rabbit, and three cats. I currently am working for a telecommunications company in their directory publishing division. I am also President of the Russell County Amateur Radio Club, our local ham radio club. My other hobby is sailing...we own a 1982 Catalina 25 sloop.