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Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Exam Info

Ham Exam's and Ecomm Level 1,2,3 Emergency Communications Courses. (Not all locations)


Amateur Radio Operators, volunteer their time and equipment in times of disasters, public events such as Red Cross events, Smyrna Air Show, Murfreesboro & Tullahoma Christmas Parade's or when requested for communication help.

Go to this Link site's below to find out allot about amateur radio.
Hello Radio by American Radio Relay League
Hello Radio, What is Ham Radio?
Hello Radio, Become a Ham!
American Radio Relay League  ARRL, The national association for Amateur Radio --
                                                              Helping Hams Get Started Since 1914.
Ham Radio-how it works


 Identification: Applicant's are required to provide sufficient identification to prove his/her identity. A legal photo ID will do this, as will certain other "formal" photo-ID's (things like a driver's license, passports, government agency/work ID's, some school ID's, etc.

Proper ID:   A Picture ID to properly identify themselves. EVERYONE (including minors) must have proper ID for the VE Team. If a minor doesn't have a photo ID, another form of ID such as a Social Security card, Birth Certificate, Library card, School Report Card, School ID card, etc. may be acceptable.

Persons without photo ID's, and/or young persons MUST SUPPLY TWO FORMS OF ALTERNATE IDENTIFICATION TO SATISFY THEIR ID REQUIREMENTS. These two items may include Non-photo ID/driver's license; Social Security Card; Birth Certificate (must have appropriate seal); Minor's work permit or school report card; Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person; Postmarked envelope addressed to the person indicating the same mailing address as shown on Form 605; employment ID.

Everyone must have there  Social Security number / TIN (or FCC License #)
  for the application!! THIS IS A MUST ! 

Testing Fee's:

For "Ham Radio Exam's" for the  year 2014 is $10 to $15.00, each exam and retakes. Depends on which VEC groups.  Exact bills PLEASE ! J

For "Ecomm Levels 1,2,3 Exam's" for the  year 2014 is $10 to $15.00 each exam and retakes.  Depends on which VEC groups.  Exact bills PLEASE ! J

Ecomm = Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course (ARECC)


What to bring to the Exams?

1. Proper ID.               2. Test Fee's in "Exact Bills"             3. Pen and Pencil  

4. Non-programmable Calculator  (not a must)     


First time applicants: Must bring their driver's license or other photo ID., copy of birth certificate or school report card if a younger child and accompanied by a parent. 

 Applicants upgrading an existing license: Must bring the original and a copy of their present license, the original and a copy of any pending CSCE's. Also, some other form of photo identification such as a driver's license, passports, work Id's, school id's. etc. Must have there Social Security number / TIN (or FCC License #)

Upgrades:  If you are claiming an upgrade from "Tech Plus" to "General" because you held a Technician License prior to March 21, 1987, you MUST furnish the VE Team proof of that fact. An old license with an issue date prior to 03/21/1987 is acceptable. A Call book showing your license status prior to 1987 is also acceptable. Due to revisions made during the calendar year, please use a Call book prior to 1988. If you use a 1987 Call book, it must be the first published edition of 1987 and not a supplement. You can write to the FCC and request documentation of the fact that you qualify. There is also at least one commercial company that will research it for you for a fee. See the article beginning on page 68 of the February 2000 QST for more information. The burden of proof rests with the applicant. Please don't ask the VE Team to upgrade you without the proper documentation just because we might know you and know that you received your ticket fifteen or twenty years ago. WE MUST furnish proof along with your application for the upgrade to be valid.

Everyone must have there  Social Security number / TIN (or FCC License #)
 for the application!! THIS IS A MUST ! 

                                                                                               AMATEUR "HAM" RADIO


	Verify below test session listings are still current, with the ARRL by clicking this link:  ARRL TN EXAM SEARCH  

Murfreesboro (ARRL-VEC) Stones River Amateur Radio Club (K4FUN)
	Rutherford County Rescue Squad Bldg.
	1504 West College Street, Murfreesboro, TN. 37129
	Registration at 930 AM.
	Administrating Amateur Radio Ham Exams and also Amateur Radio Emergency
	Communication Course Exams for Levels 1,2,3. (But not at the same time, after Ham Testing)
	Keith Miller, N9DGK (615) 631-9952

Murfreesboro (ARRL-VEC) 91 Repeater Club / Short Mountain Repeater Club (W4YXA)
        Army National Guard Armory
	2350 Armory Drive, Murfreesboro, TN. 37129-6919
	Registration at 1000 AM.
	Gary Page, W8DQ (615) 896-4693

Columbia (ARRL-VEC) Maury County Amateur Radio Club
	Pleasant Heights Baptist Church
	2712 Trotwood Ave, Columbia. TN. 38401
	3rd Saturday in odd months at 0900 am, Talk-in: 147.120
	Dan Skaggs, N4EA (931) 490-6951
Lebanon (ARRL-VEC)
	Wilson ARC  // VE Testing Calendar 
	Cumberland University Campus
	Labry Hall, Room 122
	1 Cumberland Square
	Lebanon, TN. 37087
	Michael Wright, N4MNW (615)210-5581
	Fourth Sunday in Jan., Apr., July and Oct. at 1pm 1300 hrs. Local
Nashville (ARRL-VEC)        
	Nashville VE Team
	Crieve Hall Church of Christ; Nashville School of Preaching Entrance 
	4806 Trousdale Drive, Nashville, TN. 37220
	2nd Saturday in March, June, September and December at 0800 Registration.
	Russell Ward, W4NI (615)228-4016
McMinnville (ARRL-VEC)
	Warren Amateur Radio Club
	Administration Bldg. Locust Street. McMinnville, TN. 37110 (Use entrance behind building!)
	4th Saturday in March, June, September and December at 1400 hrs / 2 p.m.
	Teddy Boyd, K8ODS (931)668-7264
Tullahoma (WCARS-VEC)
	University of Tennessee Space Institute 
	Room H-111; Tullahoma, TN.
	1st Saturday on even months; registration at 0830; Exams begin 0900 hrs.
	Bradley Brake, W4BB (931) 728-2140 or 
	Jack Hennon, W4OWX (931) 455-0625
Gallatin (WCARS-VEC)
	Volunteer State Community College
	Presidents dining room nest next to the cafeteria
	1st Sunday in May, Aug, and Nov at 2pm 1400 hrs.
	Ronnie Gilley, KA4LUG (615) 452-0883
Clarksville (W5YI-VEC)
	Gateway Memorial Hospital
	Madison Street, go to the back of the hospital
	Last Sunday on even months at 1pm 1300 hrs.
	Danny Baker, N4GXE (931) 552-4431
Shelbyville ( _____-VEC)
	Shelbyville  Bedford Co. EMA Office
	1304 Railroad Ave
	First Saturday in January, April, September and November at 0830 hrs.
	Joe Thatcher, AJ4YS (931) xxx-xxxx

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