The net meets on the 1st Saturday at 11am Mountain time.  We meet locally in Denver the 145.340 Rocky Mountain Radio League N0PQV repeater, with a pl of 103.5 is our flagship repeater.  We are on the IRLP on the Great Lakes Reflector Node #9615, now the national SBE/Engineering/Emergency Reflector.  We also link in and use as a backup the WØKU repeater on 449.625, the pl is 141.3.

To find an IRLP node in your area you can go to the website, click on the "Node Info" on the left, then click on the "List of nodes and frequencies" in the middle of the page. In a moment a full list of node numbers, cities, countries and the like will appear and do a page search for you city. When the node is highlighted click on the node number and that repeater information will appear, usually with contact information of the trustee/repeater owner. When you have done this and are able to access your node (usually at 4 digit code on the local repeater unless it is a closed club system), you will want to connect to the SBE Engineering/Emergency node #9615. .
And you can subscribe to if you would like to be on the SBE Reflector email list by going to this link.

And, we are now linked into the IRLP 9615 Reflector via ECHOLINK.  You can down load the software, validate it with your callsign, and join us whether or not you have a radio or IRLP link close by.  When you get on Echolink look up either *SBE* or node 96150.  This is an exciting new way to connect to us via your PC!

ALL hams, IT, and broadcast engineers are WELCOME and encouraged to attend the net.

By the way, radio or Echolink works full time into The Great Lakes Reflector 9615 anytime,  and it is connected to WA2CBS in New York City full time, and soon will be linked to KA2CBS in Los Angeles with broadcast engineers on the air frequently.  For any help or questions send me an e-mail at

If you want to check into the HF version of the Hamnet, it is the 2nd Sunday of the month at 2400 UTC, 0000 hours Monday on or about 14.205 MHz, hosted by WA7BGX, Hal no more than about 10 kHz up in frequency if the published frequency is busy.
Hope to hear you on the net, es 73' de KEØVH!
Don't forget to get the latest monthly updates from the Denver Chapter of the SBE at
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