Welcome to the KEØVH Ham Radio Site
Updated May 2014

 This is the shack now active 02172014.  My Main Rig is the Yaesu FT757GX2, Yaesu FT-8100, and for 6 meters the Ranger RCI 5054 -DX-100.  I am active on the HF digital modes, and SSTV. I also now have a Heathkit SB-200 amp, the first I have ever owned on the air when needed. A Sparta AS-30B stereo broadcast audio console feeds the audio gear and the radios.The Antenna's are a 5-BTV vertical, a random wire that I also have tuned for 80 meters plus a homebrew 3 element 6 meter beam and wire antenna's . My computer is a P3 with a gig of ram and I use it for pro audio production as well as amateur operations. I run APRS from my work truck as KE0VH-2.  I am also using the DXLabs Suite of software (FREE!  Thanks to Dave, AA6YQ) which controls my rig, does logging and spots DX!  Check out Daves amazing site at: http://www.dxlabsuite.com/

Check out my latest newsletter article at either www.smpte-sbe48.org/wp or by clicking here: Hamshack

And yes I do find some operating time even though my wife and I are The parents of 8! And 3 of them are now hams. KCØYPJ,                      KCØYYG and KDØRNO. I am a SBE Certified Broadcast Radio Engineer and the Chief Engineer for KLOVE/AIR 1 in the Denver Region, with our main station in Denver KLDV on 91.1. I monitor IRLP node #3350, the Rocky Mountain Radio Leagues N0PQV 145.340 repeater and 449.450 in Denver. Holler sometime. I also run the Society of Broadcast Engineers IRLP hamnet, please join us, instructions on how to do so are at www.qsl.net/ke0vh/sbehamnet. I write a monthly article for the local Denver Smpte-SBE48 chapter website newsletter at http://www.smpte-sbe48.org/news.php. Check it out each month. 73' and God be with you!
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