Entrenched: Power to the Tower

August 31-September 1: Jack and I began the job of laying in PVC pipe from the house out to the tower base for the electrical power to the raising motor and a separate 2 inch pipe for the three coax runs and control for the rotor.

Jack grooms the electrical trench for the raising and lowering motor power line from the house.

Finally, the trenches are ready for pipe!

10 foot sections of 1 inch diameter PVC are expoxied together and laid carefully into the 24 inch trench.


120 feet of nylon mesh rope is inserted in the PVC line with a "steel snake" so wiring can be pulled through clear to the basement electrical panel.

the coax PVC comes up from the trench, and the coax to be pulled with the nylon rope inserted through the piping.

then secured to the coax standoff pole...