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NWS: AS405
Skywarn: PK-73H
KD7MPG-2 APRS Weather Station
Sheridan, Oregon - Polk County

GPS: Lat - 45.02.96N, Long - 123.29.65W    Grid: CN85gb

Station Status:
System was taken out of service while I was living in Corvallis for school at OSU. It is my hope that I'll get one installed again soon.
APRS ID: KD7MPG-2 ← See detailed weather table and graph data
NWS ID: AS405 ← See detailed site information
Portland, OR: KPTV 12 Weather Forecast - Updates Daily
Weather Cam Coming Soon...

It is my goal to install a webcam that will post pictures of a grass field to the east of the shack. Instead of a live feed, I expect it to post updated pictures on a 15 minute (or maybe a 30 minute) interval.

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