KE6ILL Ben Cuntapay

Born and raised from the small town of Enrile, Cagayan Ben is a US Navy retired  who served 20 years of US Naval Aviation to the following aircrafts:  A3 Skywarrior, A4 Skyhawk, A6 Intruder, A7 Corsair, F4 Phantom, F14 Tomcat and NC 121K Super Connie.   A qualified/certified technician, operator, quality assurance, inspector, aircrew, instructor, aviation warfare specialist, supervisor, etc,  Ben gained the respect of airwing(s) as the ultimate troubleshooter.  Prior to his retirement Ben accepted special programs orders to the Philippines until the closure of Subic Bay in which he considered " the best of my Navy career ".   A year later, he was ordered to COMNAVAIRPAC  (Commander Naval Air Pacific) as one of the inspection team.   Very quiet in nature, cool calm and collective to his peers, Ben is a Master  Mason and he is one of California's law enforcement officer to serve and protect the public safety.
 Far Eastern University (Manila)
 Tidewater Community College (Virginia Beach)
 Southwestern Community College ( San Diego)
 National University ( San Diego)

Ben got interested into communication in the early '80s thru CB (Citizens Band) using the call sign 79AT148 to make contacts to the Alpha Tangos all over the world.  He became a ham operator in '94 and holds a General class license.  He is very active on HF band especially on 10/15/20 meters.