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 W7FG Vintage Manuals           Manuals, Manuals and more Manuals!

Robert Walker, KD5ESL's  WX Page    One of the most complete weather information pages  I have seen. If you need WX 

                                                                           information, this is where to go.

OCEM      Okmulgee County Emergency Operations Center headed up by Fred McGuire, KD5FMU

ORSI               Online and current Repeater Database for the state of Oklahoma

Storm Chasers      If you like storm chasing or just looking at severe WX check this page out!!

WB0NNI       Ever want to build your own amplifiers, power supplies? tank circuits and  other goodies

Modes of Operation       How many modes are there? learn more about them here.

Western Washington DX Club W7DX          Loads of good information and the hottest links in ham radio.

The Digital Ham Radio Operator's Home Page       No need to say any more.

Ham Radio Software       If it runs on a computer you can find it here!

Amateur Radio Sites on the Web    Tons of free software and lots of links, great site!

RixPix     Go here to find pictures and spec's on all types of radios.

Weather     National Weather Service in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Lightning!   Go here to see where lightning is hitting the ground in the USA.

Radar image  Get the latest radar image from the National Weather Service in Tulsa for North East Oklahoma

Sky Warn   Network of storm chaser's and spotters associated ham radio.

Intelicast   Weather radar image for the state of Oklahoma. Cool site! You can make the radar do loops so you can see      

                      which  way the storms are moving!

Hazardous WX Outlook     Special weather statement from the National Weather  Service.

Storm Prediction Center    NOAA WX.  A nice site to keep yourself informed.

AmSat    Amateur radio satellites.

Packet software  BBS programs, terminal programs and more.

Wireless Industry Terms     A glossary of terms, technical jargon and acronyms .

Fox Hunting        No, No, No........  not that, get your mind out of the gutter!

String Bikini    Nice site with lots of links to all manner of ham radio, and a dancing  girl in  a bikini!

VK2ZAY    Nice homebrew site with lots of projects that will keep you busy on those nights you just can't seem to sleep.

The New Ham Partner   nice place for the new, and old, to learn ham radio.

Solar and Terrestrial Resource Site     Solar and Terrestrial information (live, and historic), used for Radio Science, Earth 

                                                      Science, and related fields.  Site focus over all is for Amateur Radio and Short wave Listening.

W4RNL   Antenna projects, specifications and the how and why's of it all.

QRZ ham radio   look around in here quite a bit. Morse academy as well as other learning tools can be found here. even study

                               guides for the new hams or the old hams who want to up grade.

KM5ES 2 meter SWOT ( side winders on two) home page. John is an avid 2 meter  DX'er and takes care of several web pages. 

                                              Great bunch, check them out!

Dx Bands.....Dx clusters ,awards, call sign look up, anything you wanted to know  about DX but were afraid to ask............

AC6V web site   Anything you ever imagined you would want to know about Ham  radio will be found here!

OK DX Association...The authority on DX. Contest information, news letter, solar index, propagation. Just a whole lot of good stuff!

Little Fury Animals.com     What can I say about this place, it's not what you think. It is the homepage of James, KA5WHM

W5TAZ Web Page.  The DX Vortex!

N5PMP's web page  nice place with lots of goodies,  dx photos and links. N5PMP Jim is an avid dx'er and is one of the best operators I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

AA5JJ's  web page    excellent site for the CW enthusiast! but be sure to sign his guest book or you'll never hear the end of it. By the way, Wayne is my Yoga and has a fine fist.

Ten Tec Kits......    ten Tec has a variety of kits. well put together and modestly priced. get one and learn the satisfaction of kit building..

Hamtronics Kits   more goodies for the kit builder. pre amps, amplifiers and more.

ARRL................ here you will find all you ever wanted to know about the ARRL. they also have a place to buy used radios online. radios

Texas Towers    Texas towers out of Plano Texas. new and used radio gear of all kinds.

Amateur Electronic Supply    the good old standard in ham gear. go here and feel like a kid in a candy store.  you can even find bargains in their used and returned gear. check it out.

 Cable Experts    here's a place for all your coax needs.

 Mighty Fine Junk  (MFJ)   accessories, you need it, they have it!

Parts Express    All kinds of stuff can be found to buy for any project you are  working  on.

Radio Shack   For all your electronic needs, You got questions?

Cushcraft Antennas    antennas, antennas, and  antennas......

 Ham radio outlet   ham radio outlet for all your radio needs.

Ameritron Amplifiers     where the big boy's shop for more power!

Mirage VHF Amplifiers     top of the line vhf amplifiers, loads of goodies.

Alinco Radios       Alinco products...........................

Icom Radios        Icom products.............................

Kenwood Radios        Kenwood products......................

Yaesu Radios     Yaesu products...........................

Vectronics tuners, meters, qrp kits as well as other goodies.......

Bencher  Antenna's, code keys, and more......................

OB Communications   packet tnc specialist................

SSB Electronics   pre amps, amplifiers, and Transverters........

Radio Insurance one of the last thing we as hams want to think about is insurance for our equipment and hobby, so just in case you were wandering.

The Green Country Hamfest   Need I say more?

Tulsa Repeater Organization   Good place for severe weather watching.

American airlines Amateur Radio Club

Broken Arrow Amateur Radio Club

Fort Smith Amateur Radio Club - W5ANR

Mayes County Amateur Radio Club - MCARC

Owasso Amateur Radio Club - OARC

Rogers County Wireless Association - WR5CWA

Stillwater Amateur Radio Club - K5SRC

Tulsa Amateur Radio Club

10-10 International
AAARC  Homepage
AC6V's Master Index To DX & Ham Radio
AM North America - A Site Dedicated to Amplitude Modulation
Amateur Radio Repeater database
Amateur Radio Sites - UK
Amateur Radio    Soundblaster  Software
Amateur Radio Trader
Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Headquarters
Amateur Radio World-Wide - NW7US
AntenneX Home Page
AOR UK Radio Receivers Home Page
ARISS home page
ARRL OK Section Web Page - (Section Manager, Charlie Calhoun, K5TTT)
ARRLWeb ARRL's Home Page
ARRLWeb FCC License Data Search
Arrow Antenna
Better Oklahoma Radio Group, Inc. (BORG)
Buffalo Interlink!
Burghardt Amateur Center
Celestial WWW
Central States VHF Society Home Page
Computer Automation Technology, Inc.
COMPUTER INTERNATIONAL - Radio - Scanner Control Programs
CQ Magazine Home Page
DXer.Com - Satellites
DXZone Guide to Ham Radio World
eHAM.net Home - Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) Community Site
Elecraft Innovative Electronic Kits
Electronic Rainbow - a manufacturer of electronic kits
G3XDV - 73kHz and 136kHz Amateur Radio
George Molnar's Home Page
HAARP Main Page
Hawk Communications
High Altitude Balloon Launch Information Center
HOMING IN -- Radio Direction Finding
HRO Ham Radio Outlet
Induction Generator
IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project
IRLP Node Map - North America
IRLP Operating Guidelines
Joe's Ham Radio page
John Schiller - W5VTC - SK
K5TTT Home Page
Kangaroo Tabor Software - Tools for Amateur Radio Operators & Communications Professionals
KB6KQ Antennas
Launchspace Newsline
License Exam Sessions
M2 Antenna Systems
MFJ Enterprises, Inc. Website
Morse Express
N1BUG Web Home Page
N1CQR Shortwave Radio PAGE
Nick's Pinouts collection
Oklahoma Repeater Society, Inc.'s Home Page
Open Amateur Repeaters
PbP Free Projects Page
Portable Lightplants and Generators
Q-Stick Antenna
R.A.I.N. Report - Rain Report about Amateur - Ham Radio with Hap Holly, KC9RP
Rad-Comm Amatuer Radio Page
Radio Meteor Listening
Radio N3JL
Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page (tm)
Richard & Lyn Morgan
Rogers County Wireless Association (RCWA) Home Page
SignMan of Baton Rouge - 2000
Super Morse Home Page
The K2TL Home Page
Tomsastro KB2SMS
U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
Virtual Hamfest - Amateur Ham Radio Classifieds Swap vhamfest.com Kenwood Icom Yaesu Motorola Drake Collins
 Yeasu Antenna Heathkit Tempo TenTec Ten Tec Scanner Mods Hallicrafters
Whiterook Products Company Ham Radio, Electronic Kits, Clocks, and More!
www.eHam.net Home - Amateur Radio on the Internet
Your Internet Buddy is Alert!

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