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Welcome To KD5LMY's Home On The Web

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My Ham Ticket was made possible by the great VE's that volunteer

their free time to help, and test Moron's like Me :-) Without them

We would have to go to FCC field offices, like the old days.

Also thanks to the ARRL that coordinates the whole thing.

And thanks to Gordon West WB6NOA, and the publishers for their

helpful study guides.


The amateur radio hobby is totally fascinating. You can just be a

rag chewer that enjoys the occasional QSO, or You can

totally obsessed and spend thousands of dollars on high tech

radio rigs and antenna's, the choices are almost limitless.

You can even piss off the homeowners association with

Your obsessive compulsive antenna farm :-) Be careful. 

You can also become a hack, and home brew Your own stuff,

if You are so inclined, just don't smoke the fuse box, and fry

Your spouses favorite appliances. The dog house just

as comfy as the Ham Shack


 However You approach it  the main idea is to have fun,

network with Your Peers, and spread good will across

the radio spectrum. I hope if Your not licensed yet, You

will consider taking the exam.  On April 15, 2000 the testing

procedure was totally reorganized to attract more People to

the hobby. With incentive licensing and only 5 wpm for the

code exam, it's more convenient than ever to get

There are lots o' good books and technical articles to study

along with many good software titles to teach exam answers,

radio theory, and regulations, and get You up to speed on the

code. I use Gordon West's self study guides, from Radio Shack,

and Ham Stores, the books are simple, yet thorough, and

explain theories in simple terms. There are also sample FCC

exams on the internet You can test Yourself with. I will post

links to many sites on the Links Page. The Radio hobby is

also fun and educational for Your kids. I enjoy putting simple

kits together with My step daughter, she loves it too.

Anyway have fun....and by the way I will be posting some

radio control and database software on the KD5LMY software



73's and good DX