Rubber Ducky Antenna Project.

HF Transciever


Have to share a new Design that I have personally created when I was sitting home one day. How to make a 140-150MHZ HT Stubby-Duck Antenna.
You need a BNC Solderless connector (From Radio Shack) Old Pen-Style permanent marker, 41 inches if solid telephone wire, Pack of heat shrink wire covers (assorted sizes).

Need a small pen about 1/8 inch wide to wrap the entire wire around. Then with the marker apart, insides out using the shell pull the coiled wire at the base going into the bnc connector, you need to make the wire rout to the conductor using a wire insulation and if your skilled find a way to connect it.

Stretch the coil at the connector end slightly so it is spaced at the bottom end and slightly compressed at the top. CLUE..Long enough to fit in the entire marker. Then push marker shell over top of the bnc connector, optional super glue might secure fit. Then use the heat shrink over the marker shell, heating it up with hair dryer.
TADA you should have a reliable 2-meter antenna, which is real effective. You may want to adjust the wire length before complete to ensure the best SWR.. 73 KD4SAI

This is the parts needed to make the Antenna by KD4SAI

Here is the visual demonstration I created for you, you will also need a soldering iron to solder the tip of the wire to the inside of the BNC connector. The BNC connector (Twist On Style) should tightly slide into the inside diameter of the open marker. Once wire is tightly wrapped around, then insert it inside the marker, and after soldered to BNC, tighten the BNC inside the marker and cover it with the shrink tube, apply heat, and add the cap, there you go happy TX-ing.

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