KD4SAI Biography Selections Below

KD4SAI Enjoying the Wilderness of Virginia

Looking at the mountains near the Peaks of Otter in Virginia
KD4SAI Roland here in Virginia outside in the wilderness
Roland standing out in front of the lake here in Virginia
Here is an overlook about 3000 feet high and about 35 miles away from the KD4SAI repeater system.
More pictures of the lake here in Virginia about 35 miles SW of the KD4SAI repeater location.
Roland's Daughter standing by the lake

These pictures were taken about 35 Miles SW of my home QTH. This is Roland KD4SAI spending time out in the Virginia wilderness which is just about anywhere you turn. Here you see an Italian guy name Roland (KD4SAI) from New Jersey who is used to the fast paced New Jersey and New York life style just taking it easy out here in Virginia where the pace is too slow to get used to. Please note that information on Roland KD4SAI may not be current and up to date. Check with QRZ.COM if you are looking for the most current information. .

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