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This is KN4LF's Ham Shack Photo Click To See His Website.

My main interests in Amateur Radio are ionospheric propagation studies, antenna design/experimentation, AM ragchewing, building homebrew electronic projects restoring old rigs, DXing, QRP operation, SKYWARN severe weather spotting and Elmering new ham's. I have been involved in radio since 1966, through longwave, mediumwave and shortwave DXing and Amateur Radio since 1989.

I currently hold an Advanced Class license which I earned in 1990 and was working on my upgrade to Extra Class but have since decided to hold onto my now unique Advanced Class license, after the prestige of the Extra Class license was diminished with the removal of the 20 wpm morse code requirement.

I operate on all bands but primarily on 160 (addicted), 80, 40 and 17 meters, on CW, SSB and AM. On 160 meters I use a 248 foot 1/2 wave L antenna with a 63 foot vertical section and four 1/4 wave counterpoise wire 15 feet above ground and a 160 meter dipole as a listening antenna. I also use the L antenna as a transmitting antenna on 80-10 meters.

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