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Please send us a message using our box above , leave your E-mail address, along with your name and call sign to personalize your photos. You will recieve an access code instantly VIA a return E-mail to the address you entered in the box above. You then can start uploading your pictures or HTML documents to us. Use our automated uploading system thanks to MSN or you can just E-mail your photos. We added this option for visitors who's E-mailing system doesn't support file attachments, or for ones who have large pictures to upload.

When using our hamshack upload utility please use the Ham Shack Photo Uploads directory after you click on the link above, then Browse your hard drive for your files to upload, it is best to name your picture file you call sign (EX. kd4sai.gif, or kd4sai.jpg) so we can properly edit any information for the photo, you may also upload a (.txt file )in the file uploader with any additional information you would like to add with your photo, if you are good with (HTML programming), just upload us your custom designed profile, we will gladly feature it in our hamshack photo section. You may also just E-mail me any additional information about your ham shack photos.

IP-Addresses are recorded at our IP log to protect the uploader and the recipient from illegal file transfers.

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