KD4SAI 2-Meter/440 Linking System Repeater Project
Echo Link Node Number: 170107

The information for this linking system is as follows:
  • Output Freq: 146.445
  • Offset: ODD
  • Input Freq: 446.125
  • Tone: 100.0
  • Location Near City: Near Lynchburg VA in Madison Heights, VA
  • Repeater Callsign: KD4SAI
  • My callsign KD4SAI
  • Power Output: 220 watts for DX and long distant linking and lower power for local communications.
  • We are also currently seeking approval for a new Coordinated 2-meter Repeater
  • Owner / operator e-mail address: [email protected]
  • Owner of this linking system: Roland Bousquet (KD4SAI)

This is a Two meter and 70 CM linking system located in Madison Heights, VA which is four miles north of Lynchburg VA in an area of high elevation exceeding 800 FT above sea level. This system is also connected of Echolink which is accessable by DTMF access codes. This system has many features accessable by touch tone codes. Antenna is mounted on a support structure about 35 FT tall. Power output of about 220 Watts FM. We conserve power when short distant contacts are made by reducing our power output when talking to local hams. Feel free to log onto Echolink and call CQ, you never know who will respond.

Coordinates: 37 26' 52'' N, 79 6' 45'' W
Coordinates: 37.447984 -79.112687 .

Roland KD4SAI Summer of 2004
This is Roland KD4SAI standing at the back door of the repeater site with his handheld by his side.

KD4SAI's Advanced Repeater Linking System

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