Ninth Annual ARRL On-Line Auction is Now Underway!

Bidding for the ninth annual ARRL On-Line Auction is now underway. More than 230 items are on the block, including 24 pieces of gear that were the subject of QST "Product Review" articles and road tested by the ARRL Laboratory team. In addition to other miscellaneous transceivers and accessories there are more than 100 vintage books.


"We also have a number of one-of-a-kind pieces, including a hardcover 2014 Centennial edition of The ARRL Handbook, imprinted with 'Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW' to honor our founding president, plus another hardcover 2014 Centennial Handbook bearing the number 100," said ARRL Sales Manager Deb Jahnke, K1DAJ. "You'll also find unique items, such as an autographed script from the popular television series 'Last Man Standing' starring Tim Allen. Ham radio has been mentioned in several episodes, and now Tim Allen is licensed for real."

Proceeds from the On-Line Auction benefit ARRL educational programs, including activities aimed at licensing new hams, strengthening Amateur Radio's emergency service training, offering continuing technical and operating education, and creating instructional materials.

The Yaesu FTdx1200 HF+50 MHz transceiver reviewed by QST is among the 2014 On-Line Auction items.

Bidding in the 2014 auction ends at 0300 UTC on October 31 (the evening of October 30 in US time zones). Check items in which you have an interest, as bidding end times for each item are staggered.

If you have participated in a previous ARRL On-Line Auction, you may use the passwords you have used on this site before. Your ARRL website user ID and password will not work on the auction site. Check your ARRL user profile to ensure that all address and credit card information remains the same.

Newcomers to the ARRL On-Line Auction must first register in order to participate.



Speaking Of Coming Soon...


Western Branch Fall Meeting - Morganton, NC
WPCC Higher Ed. Center
2128 S. Sterling St
Room HEC 163

Meeting Date: October 25, 2014
Start time 9:00 AM - Hard Stop 12:30 PM

The Higher Education Center campus.
Can hold up to 100 people, bring some one or a car load.


Asheville to 2128 S Sterling St, Morganton, NC
From: Asheville To: 2128 S Sterling St, Morganton, NC Exit 105
Driving Distance: 57.2 miles Time: 53 minutes


Time Distance Instruction
8:00 AM 0.0  1   Depart Asheville on US-25 [Broadway St] (North-West) for 32 yds
8:00 AM 0.1 Turn RIGHT (North) onto Local road(s) for 76 yds towards US-74-Alt / I-240 / US-70
8:00 AM 0.1 Merge onto Local road(s) for 87 yds
8:00 AM 0.1 Take Ramp onto I-240 [US-70] for 3.8 mi towards US-74-Alt / I-240 / US-70
8:04 AM 3.9 At exit 9, take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-40 for 52.7 mi towards I-40 / Statesville
8:52 AM 56.6 At exit 105, turn RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.1 mi towards NC-18 / Morganton / Downtown Morganton / Shelby
8:52 AM 56.7 Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-18 [S Sterling St] for 0.5 mi
8:53 AM 57.2  2   Arrive 2128 S Sterling St, Morganton, NC 28655


I-40, Statesville, NC 28625 to 2128 S Sterling St, Morganton, NC Exit 105
From: I-40, Statesville, NC 28625 To: 2128 S Sterling St, Morganton, NC 28655
Driving Distance: 48.2 miles Time: 42 minutes


Time Distance Instruction
8:00 AM 0.0  1   Depart I-40, Statesville, NC 28625 on I-40 (East) for 0.1 mi
8:00 AM 0.1 At exit 152B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-77 for 0.4 mi towards I-77 / Elkin
8:00 AM 0.5 At exit 51B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-40 for 47.1 mi towards I-40 / Hickory
8:41 AM 47.6 At exit 105, turn RIGHT onto Ramp for 0.2 mi towards NC-18 / Morganton / Downtown Morganton / Shelby
8:41 AM 47.9 Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto SR-18 [S Sterling St] for 0.3 mi
8:42 AM 48.2  2   Arrive 2128 S Sterling St, Morganton, NC 28655 [2128 S Sterling St, Morganton, NC 28655]

Speaking of S.E.T. Drills

John  (N9JZX) sent me a (PDF) file
on the Henderson County S.E.T. drill.  I have been the “Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator for a number of years.  Flash back, to my earlier days  as E.C. for Stanly County I too had something similar in my master book.  I went to my old Stanly County book and it was empty except for a call-in list.  No area codes, all 7 digit phone number guess it has been a long, long time.  Flash back NUMBER 2 was the old song “ who’s going to play the old piano when I’m dead and gone”.  Look over John PDF file and have your E.C.‘s send you a copy of what that have on hand today in their County book on S.E.T. drills.  When the computer goes down to lack of power, what are they going to say.  When they are trying to organize their operators during a true emergency.  Does their County Emergency Manager have a copy of what the E.C.‘s will be using in a true emergency?  Read the PDF file and start pleasurizing it for their County.  We all get relaxed and forget about any drills that we need to conduct.  DEC’s have your E.C.‘s copy you on their plans for their S.E.T. drill.  A pain in the butt, until you need it.  I know many of you have a similar documentation in your master book but like my old documentation, where did it go?

Paul - KD4OZI

O.K. folks coming soon October 25th, three weeks from today. Our annual A.R.E.S. meeting at Morganton, NC.
Under: New News
Time and maps.
We are meeting at the same location as past years. Room big enough to hold lots of folks.
Bring a friend, bring a car or van load. No tickets required just you. Plan on being there.

Paul - KD4OZI