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Serving Wilkes County, NC and the surrounding areas,

 The Foothills Amateur Radio Club welcomes you to our group!

Please join me in welcoming our new DEC for Area-14

Steve (N4SET), Steve is the Treasurer for the Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society (WCARS) and is also heavily involved in Buncombe County ARES Skywarn Group.  I’am look forward in working with Steve and I sure that he will need help from the EC’s in Area-14. Welcome Aboard Steve.

Paul - KD4OZI

I will be at the Mecklenburg Ham fest in Concord Friday.  Should be
at the K4OGB table in the very Back by the doors (on the left side.
Stop buy and see me.
Sponsor: Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society

Paul - KD4OZI
Feb 28th-March 6th, 2010

Statewide Tornado Drill for 2014 Will Take Place on March 5th..

Please remember our activates for the next few days……

Check our web site for new detailed information on the NC QSO Party:

Jim, W4SDJ
Paul - KD4OZI (from Area-14)
Welcome our New Section Manager Karl Bowman (W4CHX).

I have worked with Bill a number of years and certainly hate to see him go.
When ever I met Bill at a Hamfest or meeting he always had a smile on his face
and an upbeat conversations.  Happy trails to you my Friend.

Paul - KD4OZI


Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 21:01:18 -0500 (EST)

Reminder! The 2014 North Carolina QSO Party, sponsored by the Raleigh
Amateur Radio Society, will be held on Sunday, February 23, 2014, from
1500z to 0100z (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST). For further information,
please see the NC QSO Party website, This
is a friendly, low-key contest, and a great opportunity to improve your
operating skills. Besides, it's fun to be on the other side of the
pile-up as operators around the world want to contact YOU!

Also, effective Thursday, February 20th, Karl Bowman, W4CHX, takes over
as ARRL NC Section Manager.
TNX es 73,
Bill Morine, N2COP

Garage Security
The following are videos on how to break into a garage
and how to deter thieves. Watch both.

How to get into a garage
Breaking into a Garage in 6 seconds

How to prevent it
The 6 Second Garage Door Break-In You Can Prevent

am pleased to announce that Roger Burt, N4ZC of Mount Holly, NC is the recipient of the 2013 Award. Roger will receive this award on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at the Charlotte Hamfest during the ARRL Forum.

Congratulations Roger.

ARRL Roanoke Division
Director: Dennis Bodson, W4PWF


One Ring Scam[edit]

The 268 area code has been linked to a form of telephone fraud known as the "one ring scam". The person perpetuating the scam calls the victim via a robodialer or similar means, sometimes at odd hours of the night, then hangs up when the phone is answered with the hope that they will be curious enough to call the number back. When the victim does this, an automatic $19.95 international call fee is charged to their account, as well as $9.00/min thereafter. Similar scams have been linked to Grenada (area code 473), Jamaica (area code 876), the Dominican Republic (area code 809) and the British Virgin Islands (area code 284).[1]

KD4OZI - 2/08/14

Monday, February 3, 2014 11:29 AM
Subject: ARRL Membership or renewal deals
It’s the time of the year for me to renew my ARRL membership. I want to share what I do for your consideration. There are always codes you can use to get a free book. This year I am getting “Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur" 18th edition which is new. In the past I have received others each year I renew. When you consider you are getting your membership. a great magazine and a “free" book for $39 it is a super deal! Don’t renew for multiple years for the little saving when you can get another book each year. Below are two of the renewal codes so look for a book you’d like to have and join ARRL or renew. Start building your ham radio library!

Jim Howard, W4SDJ
EC Cherokee County NC ARES
Home 828-837-3630 Cell 828-644-8675


 *Governor McCrory Launches ReadyNC App to Help Families Prepare for

*Raleigh, NC -* Governor Pat McCrory and Public Safety Secretary Frank L.
Perry announced the launch of a new mobile application today that will help
North Carolinians prepare for everything from minor traffic emergencies to
severe storms on a daily basis.

The app is free and available now in the AppStore for iPhones and Google
Play for Android devices.

"The ReadyNC mobile application is an all-in-one tool that both residents
and visitors can use to get the latest weather, traffic and hazard
information and know what to do to be safe," said Governor McCrory. "None
of us can predict when the next disaster will occur, but we can minimize
the impacts by preparing ahead of time."

Governor McCrory stresses the new mobile app does not replace calling
911. However, it can be used to find life-saving information.

The new app provides users with:

- real-time traffic and weather information
- critical information on how to be safe during different hazardous
- real-time information about opened shelters for evacuees (including
addresses, capacity, directions and if the shelter is pet-friendly)
- real-time updates on flood levels of major nearby creeks and rivers
- phone numbers and links to all North Carolina power companies to
report outages
- basic instructions on how to develop emergency plans and what to put
in your emergency supplies kit
- real-time information on which counties have issued evacuation orders
- contact numbers and links to websites for those who need help
recovering from a disaster
- direct links to the and websites and social
media accounts

"We've seen countless examples across the country and here in our own state
that remind us that those who are prepared ahead of time fare better during
disasters," said Secretary Perry. "This simple app will help each family do
just that."

The mobile application was developed by N.C. Emergency Management using
Citizen Corps funds that are designated to foster emergency preparedness.

Brian T. Simpson
Stanly County Emergency Services
201 S Second St
Albemarle, NC 28001
Office: (704)986-3650
Fax: (704)986-3653

Thanks to Bill (K4VET) for providing this infprmation to me.
Paul - KD4OZI

An excellent new video about Ham radio - about 30 minutes long.
Ray (KI4UDZ)
I hope you might help us to share the news about a new educational video about Amateur Radio. It is free to view and share and can be found here:
It has been created for anyone who wishes to encourage youth and adults to explore the world of Ham Radio and it also can be found on the home page of the project website at Thank you for your consideration. 73, Mike
World Genesis Foundation


From: Carl W4EAT
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8:25 PM

Subject: Helpful Info on Packet

Guys, I hope you find this article from Packet Radio: What? Why? How? published by Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corporation to be helpful. Not just for Packet but for any electronics you might have. Enjoy!
How to Repair Packet Equipment

Will also work for other types of electronics.

STEP 1 Approach the ailing packet unit in a confident manner.
This will give the unit the mistaken idea that you know something.
It will also impress anyone who happens to be looking, and if the
unit should suddenly start working, you will be credited with its
repair. It this step fails to work, proceed to step 2.

STEP 2 Wave the manual at the unit. This will make it assume that
you are at least familiar with the source of knowledge. Should this
step fail to work, proceed to 3.

STEP 3 In a forcible manner, recite Ohm's Law to the instrument
(CAUTION: before taking this step, refer to some reliable handbook
to be sure of your knowledge of Ohm's Law). This will prove to the
unit, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you happen to know
something. This is a drastic step and should be attempted only if
the first two fail. If this step fails to work, proceed to step 4.

STEP 4 Jar the unit slightly. This may require anything from a
three to six foot drop, preferably on a concrete floor. However, you
must be careful with this step because, while jarring is an approved
method of repair, you, must not mar the floor or get the unit out of
tune. Again, this is a very drastic step. If it fails, proceed to step 5.

STEP 5 Brandish a large screwdriver in a menacing manner. This
will frighten the unit and demonstrate your knowledge of the
deadly "short circuit" technique. Proceed to step 6.

STEP 6 Add a tube...even though the unit is solid state... This will
prove that you are familiar with the node's design. This will
confuse the unit and thereby increase your advantage. If this
doesn't work, proceed to the most drastic and dangerous step. It
is seldom needed and is a final resort if all else fails!!

STEP 7 THINK . . . !
Sorry, it is no longer published or I’d buy several for my “close friends”. 
73 Carl


What happened at out Western Branch ARES Meeting..

     Regarding the ARES Access list, you probably should include a similar statement after the last entry and before the signature block. .......

Duke W4DK
This document contains personal information and is For Official Use Only.
When superceded, the document should be appropriately destroyed.
                                        Gentlemen -
During the recent Henderson County SET, the question of identifying members for security purposes came up.  If you're fortunate enough to be able to get a county ID card or something from the sheriff's office for your members, fine. Everyone may not be so fortunate, so here's a possible solution to consider.

Put together a list of your ARES members, FULL names as they appear on their drivers license, in alphabetic order, with NCDL numbers. A nice ARES logo on a letterhead looks good as well as the EC's or some other official's signature block at the bottom (don't forget to list the ECs info too). Date it, laminate the sheet and pass out to facilities where you may need access .... EOC, 911, hospital security office, etc. ..... for them to keep on file. A quick and easy picture ID system.......
and remember to keep it up to date as members come and go.

Here's sample wording you might use at the top of the document.....
For the purposes of Security and Facilities Access, the following named Individuals are members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and have completed the necessary NIMS courses for ICS Qualification:

Doe, John Quincy 2125551212

73' Duke W4DK


I received the message below from Earl WX4J. We now have an outlet for
traffic for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Note that in order
to it to be delivered the traffic must have a valid real telephone number,
not a Skype number.

So you can now edit your forwarding files to route NTSPR and NTSVI to the
WX4J MBO in Florida.

73 Dave WB2FTX




Nice to see Ham Radio show up in a commercial. (Preview)
Dean Blair ~ Amateur Radio Call K2JB

Amateur Radio: It's not rocket science.
It's the Hobby preferred by rocket scientists.

ARES WESTERN BRANCH ANNUAL MEETING will be Saturday, November 2nd at the Higher Education Center of Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. For more details, go to

I had a chance to visit the NC Mountain State Fair and a WOW on their Amateur Radio setups.
Antenna's here, Antenna's there just say Antenna's every where.  The biggest antenna farm that I have ever seen in my years of Armature Radio.  Not sure if the number of their visitors but I had 10 folks in my group.
I was really impressed with all the  my visit as well as meeting and talking with the Repeater Guru
J.J. - WA4KNI, Rob-N4GAC and Dalton-W2ZM. 

The NC Mountain State Fair celebrates the people, agriculture, art and tradition that make our region great.

Count this another first for me 5 different Clubs....

Sponsored by:
The Road Show ARC - WA4TRS,

Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Club - W4YK,

Haywood County Amateur Radio Club - KW4P,

Catamount [Western Carolina University] Amateur Radio Group (CARGO)- K4WCU,

Cleveland County Amateur Radio Service - NA4CC.

For more information

Look at their pictures.

Western Branch Fall Meeting - Morganton, NC
2128 S. Sterling St
Meeting Date: November 02, 2013
Start time 9:00 AM - Hard Stop 12:30 PM

The Higher Education Center campus.
Can hold up to 100 people.

WPCC Higher Ed. Center
2128 S. Sterling St
Room HEC 163


09/05/2013 | North Carolina Mountain State Fair

Sep 5-Sep 10, 1514Z-1514Z, WA4TRS, Fletcher, NC. The Road Show Amateur Radio Club and the Western Carolina Amateur Radio Clubs. 50.130 18.135 14.270 7.248. Certificate & QSL. The Road Show Amateur Radio Club, 57 Echo Lake Dr, Fairview, NC 28730. Check URL for complete list of frequencies and for updates.


Need  your ICOM HF radio repaired?  Well, let us just say the ICOM man
has returned home and is back repairing ICOM HF rigs.

Paul Hansen, W6XA
Amateur Radio Service
1813A N Boulevard

Anderson, SC 29621


Thank Bill (WA2EDN) for providing the above information.