Field Day Activities


Steve (N4SET) -  Cherokee County FD at Fields of the Wood, 1100-1130
Haywood County FD at Clyde, 1400-1500
Buncombe County FD at the EOC, 1700-1800


Paul - KD4OZI

  City                            County                                    EC                                        Talk With
Hudson                         Caldwell                      Tom Land - KA4HKK                        Tom Land - KA4HKK
Statesville                      Iredell                         Dennis White - N4WHK                      Rick McClure - KE4TEP
Richfield                       Stanly                          Keith Anderson - KK4LGM                Keith Anderson - KK4LGM
Matthews                      Mecklenburg               Tony Lewis - KE4VVF                        Tony Lewis - KE4VVF   

Wesley Chapel              Union                          Jerry Brewer - N4MIU                         Jerry Brewer - N4MIU
Gstonia                         Gaston                         George Poteet - NC0G                         Michael Ledford - AJ4QJ
Dallas                           Lincoln                        Cliff Brommer - WD4PIC                    Cliff Brommer - WD4PIC

Shelby                          Cleveland                    Susan Ledford - K4ZXN                      Susan Ledford - K4ZXN
Shelby   (Moss Lake)    Cleveland                    Dale Bradshaw - KK4SMV                  Dale Bradshaw - KK4SMV
The Road Show            Tryon                          Bill Van Nuys - N4OOC                      Bill Van Nuys - N4OOC


Iredell County: Dennis - N4WHK and 5 A.R.E.S. members were involved in a parade in Statesville.  Rick - KE4TEP

provide info on their Field Day.

Gaston County:  George - NC0G was the grill master.  I did not want to interrupt him lots of folks waiting.  George the smoke
from the grill really attempted me but had to move on.   See you thru next time.  Michael - AJ4QC provided the info on Field Day.


Paul - KD4OZI 


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