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Demco Super Satellite and 25 to 30 MC Amplifier

Shown above is the Super Satelite. It has the hooded front cover and protrudung lower panel where the Satelite had straight face treatment on both cover and panel. This set has the Transmitter and Modulator / Speaker (above) and the Receiver and 25 to 30 MC Amplifier. This set shows oxidation and some rust. It is currently not working . I hope to be able to clean up the outside and get it operational soon. The big differences between this model and the earlier "Satelite Deluxe" are the knobs and indicator lamp jewels. The knobs are now one-piece ones, and the jewels are no longer "bullet" front, but now square across the front. The Transmitter got a facelift on the front panel. The Load and Plate controls are no longer up front. Now, the Microphone jack is more conventional and mounted up front. Also, the Selector switch has been broken down into two different ones; Selector (for Variable and Crystal) and Mode for CB or Monitor. In the earlier edition, the selector had three positions: C.A.P., Variable or Crystal. The Variable / Crystal option only affected the receiver; allowing VFO or Channelized operation via the Transmitter's channel selector. C.A.P. was changed to Monitor and was used to activate an expansion option for Civil Air Patrol communications (Possible on 26.620, which is still shown as a C.A.P. frequency). The C.A.P. / Monitor option plugged into the receiver chassis. I have not been able to locate one of these yet.


A Whole Bunch of Demcos

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