ARTICLE I       The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club

ARTICLE II      The Brookdale Amateur Radio Club's fundamental purpose is to
                provide an organization for Brookdale Community College
                students who share interests in all forms of electronic

ARTICLE III     Full membership in this organization shall be available only
                to students of Brookdale Community College regardless of race,
                color, gender, sexual orientation, or political, ethnic, or
                religious affiliation.  This organization shall not limit any
                member in the enjoyment of any right or privilege, advantage
                or opportunity.

ARTICLE IV      Executive Committee

                Section 1  The Executive Committee shall consist of a President,
                           Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Students
                           who serve in these leadership positions must be
                           currently enrolled for a minimum of six college
                           credits (active -- not audit status), and must have
                           an acceptable ratio of credits attempted to earned
                           (as defined by the College catalog).
                Section 2  The selection of this committee shall be by majority
                           vote with elections occurring once every semester
                           unless situations warrent otherwise.
                Section 3  The President will preside over club meetings and
                           act as a spokesman for the organization.  The Vice
                           President will head special committees and assume
                           presidential duties and responsibilities during
                           times of the President's absence.  The Secretary
                           will keep all records of club meetings and formal
                           business.  The Treasurer will keep all financial
                           records of the organization, maintain the officers'
                           roster, and prepare the budget for the organization.

                Section 4  Vacancies will be handled in such a way as to
                           maintain a minimum of two officers in the
                           organization at any given time.

ARTICLE V       Meetings will be held once a week during a period of time
                selected so that a majority of the organization's members
                can attend and participate.  Special meetings in addition
                to regular club meetings may be held if conditions warrant.

ARTICLE VI      The size of the quorum shall be at least 50 percent of the
                currently active membership.

ARTICLE VII     Questions regarding parlimentary procedure shall be decided
                by the organization and/or by forms provided in "Robert's
                Rules of Order", latest edition.

ARTICLE VIII    All monies of the organization shall be kept in a special
                account assigned by the Associated Students of Brookdale
                Community College and the Office of Student Life and Activities.
                Use of allocated funds and earned income are governed by the
                ASBCC Financial Committee Guidelines.  Authorized signatures
                for check disbursements will be kept on file with the ASBCC
                Treasurer and updated as needed.

ARTICLE IX      This organization shall abide by all applicable rules and
                regulations of the College and under the privileges as granted
                by the Associated Students of Brookdale Community College.
                The rules and regulations are found in such documents as the
                Brookdale Community College Catalog, the Student Handbook, as
                well as the general regulations of the College provided by the
                Board of Trustees, by the State of New Jersey, and the Federal

ARTICLE X       This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the
                membership, provided the amendment was submitted in writing
                at a previous regular meeting, and notice of the proposed
                amendment was given to all members at least one week before
                the meeting on the constitutional amendment.

{This constitution was last updated on 30-Apr-96}

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