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Images from the 6/1/99 storm.  Straightline winds or possibly a tornado caused the damage.
Images of a shelf cloud that went through Sullivan in 1999.
Rainbow from 2000.                         Thunderstorm during summer '00. 4/20/2000 tornadic storm.
Clouds at dusk, 2000.
May 2001 storm with shelf cloud visible.  
Lovington funnel (to the right of beige building).  Funnel at Sullivan 7/8/2001.
Another view of 7/8/2001 funnel.        A 3D view of that same funnel. A 3D view of May 2001 storm.

Wall cloud N of Sullivan 8/18/2004. The edge of Ivan 9/16/2004. 180 Panorama of Ivan's edge.
Low level clouds from the air 1/21/2005.  Notice the dark lines running through the cloud bank.  These are over rivers or creeks where the water temperature is greater than the air temp.  Annotations are included on the image.  Location was somewhere over SW Missouri.  Picture of a Moon halo taken 2/16/2005.  This is two merged images to show the entire halo.  This image is also available in the astronomy image gallery. This is an image of the 5/11/2005 storm
that produced hail and heavy rain in
northern Moultrie County. 
A panoramic image of the 5/11/2005 storm  from Sullivan. A panoramic image of the 5/13/2005 storm which prompted a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Radar animation of the 5/11/2005 storm with notes.  Enjoy.
A movie of cool and dry air moving south due to offshore winds from Lake Michigan.  You can see where there is a break in cloud cover due to the drier air. (4 seconds) An annotated version of the previous movie. (4 seconds) A great image of lightning from a video capture on 6/13/2005.
Another lightning image from June 13. Yet another lightning image from June 13. Panoramic image of the June 13 storm.
Another panoramic image of the June 13 storm.    

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