New Severe WX Indicator version 2.1

Weather Watch is happy to offer a new severe weather indicator which tells you of possible severe weather threats.  This indicator is located at the top of the main page.  It is based on the hazardous weather outlook released by the NWS in Lincoln twice a day.  Below is an example of the indicator.


Threat Level Tornado Threat Hail Threat Damaging Wind Threat


The first thing you notice is the risk level.  The SPC uses three levels in their convective outlooks based on the forecasted threat.  SLIGHT risk is the lowest level, MODERATE is of course the median level, and HIGH is of course the highest level and means that a severe wx outbreak is likely.  SLIGHT risk will be indicated in green lettering, MODERATE in orange, and HIGH in red.   When there is no risk for severe wx, NO RISK will appear in the indicator.  Next will be 1, 2, or 3 icons used to describe the forecasted threats.  The first icon is a red triangle to indicate a tornado threat.  The second icon is a light blue circle to indicate a hail threat.  The third icon is a wind barb to indicate a threat for damaging winds.  Check Weather Watch's severe weather page when the threat indicator is indicating a risk for any of these types of weather.  Note that at times there may not be a slight risk for severe weather issued by the SPC, but there still may be a threat for small hail and damaging winds.  When this occurs, you may see NO RISK accompanied by the hail icon and wind icon.  I hope that you will use this indicator. 

The indicator is updated in the morning and afternoon.

On 4.1.2006, the severe weather indicator was upgraded to version 2.1 which is a non-javascript version. Now more browsers can view it!


Clint Parrish, KC9S

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