The North Valleys Simplex Group

6 Meter USB Net, Tuesdays 8 PM, 50.350 MHz.......North Valleys Simplex Net, Thursdays 8 PM, 146.500 MHz

This group is located just north of Reno, Nevada and primarily uses simplex frequencies.

What used to be the KC7ZRD Club is now an informal group of operators. No dues, no fuss!!

If you ever get the chance to visit Reno and want to just say "HI" then tune your 2 meter radio to 146.500 mhz and give us a yell.

If you are using 70 centimeters tune to 446.000.

For more info about our groups activities check out the links below, or if you just want to chat contact Jim KC7NXP.

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Updated 04-Jun-16