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U. S. Naval Service of Robert "Pat" Ryan

USN Training Assignments:

Naval Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes, IL,                                           Nov 21, 1967      Feb, 1968
        Recruit Co. 586

Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL                                                        Feb, 1968            Dec, 1968
    Basic Electricity and Electronics School
        Electronics Technician  A School (ETA)

Designated CTM striker

Naval Communications Training Center, Corry Station, Pensacola, FL          Jan, 1969             Apr, 1969
    High Frequency Direction Finding  - Maintenance
        Communications Technician, Maintenance (CTMSN)

USN Duty Stations:
Naval Communication Station, San Diego, CA                                             May, 1969            Aug, 1971
    NRS (R)/NavRadRecFac Imperial Beach, CA
    Naval Security Group Department,
        Electronic Maintenance Division, HFDF/Mat Shop
           Communications Technician, Maintenance (CTM3/CTM2)

Naval Communication Station, Guam, Mariannas Is.                                    Sept, 1971            Jan, 1973
    Naval Security Group Department,
        Electronic Maintenance Division, HFDF/CDAA Shop
            Communications Technician, Maintenance (CTM2)
                     (no emblem)

Naval Security Group Activity, Skaggs Is., Sonoma, CA                              Feb, 1973            Nov, 1973
    Electronics Maintenance Department, HFDF/CDAA Shop
        Communications Technician, Maintenance (CTM2)

USNR-R Assignments:
Naval Reserve Security Group Unit, Sacramento, CA                                    Dec, 1973            Dec, 1974
    ACTDUTRA Naval Security Group Command, Washington DC, Jun 74

Civil Service Assignments:
Naval Security Group Activity, Skaggs Is., Sonoma, CA                                 Nov, 1973                Sep, 1974
    Facilities Maintenance Department,
       Antenna Rigger

Naval Communication Station, Rota, Spain                                                     Sep, 1974                Jan, 1980
    Facilities Maintenance Department,
      Antenna Leadman/Foreman

Naval Computer and Telecommunication Station, San Diego, CA                    Feb, 1980
   Naval Security Group Department, NRRF Imperial Beach, CA
      Electronics Maintenance Division Foreman

Naval Security Group Activity, San Diego, CA                                                                                Oct, 1998
    Electronics Maintenance Department
      Antenna Maintenance Division Supervisor

   * Plankowner *

Retired October 6, 1998, after 31 years, 11 months, combined Federal Service to the Department of the Navy, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command, and the Naval Security Group.

 Member, U. S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association and their amateur radio group FRUPAC (Callsign KC6VVT)

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