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        ‘Net Pal works with the Dial-up Networking feature of Windows 95 to make the connection and has the following features :
· Re-dials until a connection is obtained.
· Can re-dial until a specified connect speed is obtained.
· Reconnects automatically when disconnected by the remote host.
· Ping option can provide network activity at intervals to prevent connections being dropped.

Internet experts tell you to never reply to a spam. A "remove" tells the spammer your email address is active and you will be spammed even more. So what are you supposed to do?  This is why, F.R.E.E. and CAUCE joined forces to create the Spam Recycling Center.


dboy Gameboy Emulator
        A program that emulates (allows you to play) the popular gameboy console on your PC.  Download the following games, as well.
    Pokemon Blue
    Pokemon Red
    Super Mario Deluxe


Net Manager 2.0 by Buck Cheves/KC4GCK
        An EXCELLENT Net Control application that allows you to handle traffic and keep track of check-ins via a friendly user interface!  MANY THANKS to Buck for helping me out with this one!  If you download this and like it, PLEASE tell Buck that I sent you!

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