APRS Software

The first step to getting started in APRS is to decide on which version of software to use. This is, of course, dependent on your computer hardware. Some platforms can run more than one version of the software listed below. For instance, it is not uncommon to see a copy of dosAPRS and winAPRS on the same computer. Each of these software packages have there own advantages and unique way to present the information. However, they all provide the same basic APRS functions. It is recommended that you look at the software package that operates on your favorite operating systems in order to get a feel of APRS. Then, try a few others, if you can and pick one (or more) version to use. And by all means, be sure to register with the author! Registration keep the updates coming, so, help support the authors.

OK, now let's take a look at what's available. Listed here are the versions we have information on. Other programs will be added as soon as possible.


Program Platform Description

Program Information

Ease of  Use Download Authors 
APRS+SA Windows Works with the Delorme's Street Atlas software. more info Difficult  ver. 199YK


APRS/CE Windows CE APRS for Windows CE more info Easy Build943 email
APRS DOS DOS The ORIGINAL APRS more info Easy ver. 8.48 email
APRStk Satellite Tracking Version more info Medium Program Update
APRStch Touch Screen Version more info Easy Program
APRSair Tracking of commercial aircraft more info Medium Program
JavaAPRS Java Adds APRS to your website more info Medium Program email
MacAPRS Mac APRS for the Macintosh Computer more info Easy Program email


PalmAPRS Palm OS APRS for the Palm family of PDAs more info Easy Program email


WinAPRS Windows APRS for Windows 95,98,2000,NT more info Easy Program email


THERE ARE OTHER VERSIONS AVAILABLE! ADDITIONAL VERSIONS WILL BE ADDED UPON RECEIPT OF INFORMATION FROM THE AUTHORS! Please send program, download link and email address for any APRS program not listed here to: kc5jgv@arrl.net THANKS!!!