Welcome to the HomePage of KC0NVI. The handle here is Randy.

Good Day!
I am new to Amature Radio. I recently passed the test for my technician class ticket.
I am also a member of the District 27 ARES, which is located in Adams County, Colorado.
I presently am only able to participate on the 2-Meter bands, as that is all I have at the moment, but then I'm just starting out in this hobby.

The HTML editor I'm using is not really straight forward, so getting the page the way I would like it, won't be happening until I can find a simple html editor,
so all I can say is that the page is under-construction on an ongoing basis here.
I enjoy getting outdoors as often as I can, I also enjoy bowhunting, rifle hunting, fishing, photography, and Off-Roading.
I will soon be sharing a few of these pictures I've taken while doing some of my favorite activities.

Castle Rock Repeater Group
Amature Radio Relay League
ACARES District 27

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Last Updated: 9/8/02