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uses as the default.

I am a physicist from Kansas attending Emporia State University for my Masters in
physics. I will graduate in May, though I am not sure yet where I will pursue my
Ph.D.; wherever I go, I expect to begin a Ph.D. program in physics or applied
mathematics in Fall 2003.

For anyone who wants to know, the subject of my current research is developing
theoretical and computational models for three dimensional systems of electric

On to Ham stuff. I am a new ham, and as you might be able to tell, a bit new to
html programming. I recieved my first rig, a Realistic HTX-202 for christmas 1992.
Not wanting to hit the decade mark without finally earning my ticket, I passed my
technician test in October 2001, and was licensed by early November.

I have to admit, I like VHF. I have some interest in the higher frequencies, too,
though commercial equipment above 440mhz seems to be fairly scarce. As for HF, After I
pass my general, likely this spring/summer (thesis constraints, remember), I will be able
to put to good use the Swan 350-C that a friend of mine, a graduate student in
earth science, donated to me. He's out of the hobby now, all its utility being more
than made up for by the internet for him. He has one less piece of crap to tote
around (ah, graduate school) and I get a great radio to open up a new part of my new
hobby. We both win!

I'll live and die by my HTX-202, but I intend to acquire a mobile unit for my car (Icom
or Kenwood, most likely) and I would love to pick up one of those neat credit-card
sized dual-banders, like Alnico makes. Great for when I can't carry the HTX-202.

Anyway, check back here for more interesting stuff in the future. I'll try to expound
on my newly acquired knowledge!

If you like fast cars, SCCA racing, and gearheads, come visit Neons.org.
If you like techie news, visit Slashdot.
If you like Mopars, visit Allpar.

Beware that I may have delayed response, but feel free to send me an email.

This page last updated 26 January 2002.