KCØLER offeres a wide variety of Tube Desk Ornaments for your Ham Shack Decoration. There are two major categories of Tube Desk Ornaments, with and without Callsign Plates. There are also currently three models of Tube Desk Ornaments available, 4-400A, 813, and 811A, as well as the avalible option of a Customized Tube Desk Ornament. Furthermore, KCØLER is now offering the option for provisions and instructions for lighting your tube's internal filament. Choose the category and model of Tube Desk Ornament you wish to view from the list below. When you have chosen the Tube Desk Ornament that is right for you, Go to the Order page and complete the steps. Have Fun!!

With Callsign Plate   Without Callsign Plate
Best Seller
4-400A With Callsign
4-400A With Callsign
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