e 2 Meter Yagi Plans from KCØJEX

3 Element Yagi for 2 Meters
from Ryan St. Arnold - KCěJEX

This antenna makes a great yagi for foxhunting (RDF), or makes a great base antenna with about 7 db of gain.


Yagi Antenna for 2 meters
3/4" OD or 1/2" ID PVC, about 5 feet.
Hollow Aluminum or Copper tubing, 1/4" or so
Screws and Nuts small enough to fit through metallic tubing
Coax - your choice
Yagi Antenna


[ Click Images to see larger picture ]

The Left Image shows how I placed a PVC "T" between the reflector and driven element. This allows greater portability, and if the elements aren't aligned, this will fix that problem.
The Center Image shows how the driven element should be placed on the boom.  Connect a nut and bolt about 1/2" to 1" on the element as shown. My coax is not shown connected, but to connect the coax, solder a ring tongue connector on the braid, and center conductor and connect them to the bolts connected to the element. (Not the bolt hold it to the boom, though only one of my element coax-bolt is shown, but the screw hole on the top element is where it approximately should be placed.
The Right Image is how the reflector and director should be connected. I put some electrical tape on the element where it contacts the PVC to eliminate major wiggling.

I also connected a piece on the PVC "T" perpendicular to the boom for mounting on a mast, the length of this piece can be decided by you. (See the left picture)

E-mail me with any questions, I will be more than happy to help out.