1968-69 Dodge Dart GTS

General Information/Current Value


1968 Model - 8,745
1969 Model - 6,702


Dodge's answer to the Chevrolet Nova SS, and based on the rebodied
1967 design by Elwood Engle. Darts in general have yet to achieve
collector status, with one exception: the hot GTS, with a standard
340-cid V8 or Chrysler's potent 383 offered optionally. Available
as a hardtop or convertible, both luxuriously and comprehensively
equiped. At about 3000 pounds, these were tremendously powerful,
often greatly underrated by opponents on the dragstrip.


+Low-cost performance
+Neat styling


+Indifferent quality
+Growing parts scarcity
+Low appreciation


Length (in.) - 195.4
Wheelbase (in.) - 110.0
Weight (lbs.) - 3065-3210
Price (new) - $3189-3419
Body Style: 2-dr. hdtp.
Passenger capacity: 5
Options: AM radio; lighter; console; fender-mounted turn signal
indicators; simulated wood steering wheel; day/night rear view
mirror; mag style wheel covers; bumper guards; vinyl top; bumble
bee stripes

Current Collector Value (As of 2003)

1968 Dart GTS 340 Hardtop:

Excellent/Flawless: $20,000
Well-restored: 14,000
Very Good: 8,000
Good: 4,000
Restorable: 2,400
Parts Car: 800

1969 Dart GTS 340 Hardtop

Excellent/Flawless: $26,000
Well-restored: 18,200
Very Good: 10,400
Good: 5,200
Restorable: 3,120
Parts Car: 1,040