Welcome to the internet home of KCØHOJ, amateur radio operator Brian M. Hartmann. If you want to know more about amateur radio, you will find many good links and resources here.
The Hastings Amateur Radio Club-WØWWV-Hastings, Nebraska-
    My "hometown" club

NØUAX Online-James M. Kuehn-Norman, Nebraska-
    The joker that got me involved in this activity

KCØRAN Online-Robert A. Needham-Campbell, Nebraska-
    Another fellow Nebraska ham

The Arctic Amateur Radio Club-KL7KC-Fairbanks, Alaska-
    My new club

The American Radio Relay League-
    The beureacratic strong-arm of amateurs in the U.S.

    The premiere amateur radio resource.

Skywarn National Website
    Amateur Radio...from the first flash of lightning to 
    the expiration of the last warning, we will be there.
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