Ya, thats me.

Welcome To My Web Site.

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Somehow you have managed to find my little hole in cyber-space.
  Have you arrived  here by mistake?  No,  kool.  This is my site on Ham Radio
and some other hobbies of mine.  This site is hosted by qsl.net and is
maintained by FreeSpirit web publications.


Pottery Hand Made Pottery
From Around The World and the United States.  Some Of My Own ?

Ham Radio My Ham Radio Hobbie and some information on how to become a Ham Radio Oporator.
Cooking The Food Network Thinks They Have Got One-Up On Me.... The Real Chef Boy-Are-Dee Tool's From Hell My Guide To Better (or worse) Amateur Carpentry.  How Not To Nail Your Hand To A Wall.
General Links Here are a few of my favorite place on the net.  Stuff that doesn't suck is in here... Other Sites A List of other sites created by KB0NZA, the FreeSpirit in FreeSpirit Productions. 

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