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I took a course offered by the Johnson County Amateur Radio Club that was oriented towards those who are interested in getting a Novice, Technician, or Technician Plus ham radio license.  After completing the course I passed both the Novice and Technician exams.  On 11/17/1997 the FCC issued my Technician Amateur Radio License and KC0CGH callsign. 

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I joined the ARRL in Fall of 1997 and enjoy receiving both the QST and QEX publications.

Click here for the ARRL website.

ares-cl.gif (8472 bytes) I check into the weekly packet and voice nets as well as attend the monthly meetings.  The Johnson County ARES supports many organizations, including the Salvations Army, Red Cross, and Johnson County Emergency Management Service.

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For questions or comments send mail to: kc0cgh@arrl.net

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