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Polar Orbiter Weather Satellite Images

Automatic Picture Transmission Images

  • Current Images from the NOAA Polar Orbiters from Wichita, KS.

  • Click here to for a NOAA 14 APT image of Wichita, KS.

    Lat 37.6917 Lon -97.3378

  • SlowScanTV images from MIR
  • Current Polar Orbiter images from Milan Konecny (VE3NZK) from Cananda.
  • More polar orbiter images of Europe from Les Hamilton.
  • Polar orbiter images from Essen, Germany on Markus Brylka's homepage.
  • Peter Tanner's web page of APT images from England
  • Mike Knapp's (KB8UKP) homepage with APT images from St. Joseph, Michigan.
  • Current AVHRR Images of the South Central United States from JHU/APL.
  • Current AVHRR images from selected areas across the U.S. from JHU/APL.

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