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Welcome to my web site!

Time for a redo.  I decided to completely redo my website, so if some things aren't quite working right, please let me know.  What am I doing now?  Well, I'm off for the summer from Iowa State University where I'm a double major in meteorology and electronic media.  I've kept busy this summer, though, working at KCCI-TV8 in Des Moines as a part-time engineer running camera and doing video tape stuff.  I hope to take some pictures soon and let ya'll see what it looks like in the studio and some of the people I work with...

Radio-wise, I've sold my Kenwood TM-V7A via E-bay in favor of buying the Kenwood D-700A.  This new radio allows me to participate in APRS and thus, let people know where I am.  This will be put to good use next spring during storm chasing season!

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