My Favorite QSL Cards

These are all cards that I have received. Click on the small picture to get the blown-up version.

My First QSL Card

(87.0 KB)

This is my first QSL card. I talked to Phil from the CMRA club station. I was nervous, but it was fun!

K3CHP's QSL Card

(67.5 KB)

This is the QSL from the first QRP'er that I worked. He had a great RST for only five watts!

From the Hen House Gang

(79.4 KB)

This is my all time favorite QSL. I got it in January 1998.

My Only 2 Meter QSL!

(81.9 KB)

This is the only 2 meter QSL I ever got. I had a nice QSO with him over the local repeater.

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