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These are some items from KC0AFX communications equipment collection. To enlarge the picture please click on it.


Full image

Model R-107M (2-way FM / CW radio).

Model R-163-1U (2-way FM radio).

Model R-148 (2-way FM radio).

Model RBM 1(AM - CW WW II Radio).

Model R-326 (Communications Receiver).

Model R311 (Communications Receiver).

Model R-312 (Communications Receiver).

Model R-313m2 (Communications Receiver).

Model R-104 (HF Radio).

Model R-250 (Communications Receiver).

Model R253 (Communications Receiver).

WAVE METER (model 526U).

Handheld (18 channel FM Radio).

Model R113 (Tank FM radio).

Model PR-4P (Communications receiver).

PALMA (3 channel FM radio).

LEN (1 channel FM radio).