Welcome to my web site. I'm just starting to get things up and running so bear with me...


On the left you'll see a navigation bar. This lets you get to all the pages on my site.

So make your self at home and take a look around (not much done yet).



Oct. 9th 2003: Believe it or not I'm still here, and even worked on some of the pages... About 30 min. worth of work. I've got a new system and was having problems with the video capture card on the old Pent 200, but I seem to have it woking now so you may see now pictures of me and the family on the page. I'll also start on new content for the rest of the site, when I can get to it... :-)

May 17th 2001: Just setting up the fomat of the site. Working mainly on getting my resume up.

May 28th 2001: Added a web cam to my page, I only have dial up so it won't be on much. I mainly did it to so if it works, and it does.