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Here are some of my favorite poems and quotes written by various authors, myself included. You'll find a place to e-mail me with your comments at the bottom of this page. I hope you enjoy! If this sparks an interest, please feel free to link me to your web page. If you have a poem you would like to see on this page, drop me a note ( if you feel comfortable please include your email address).

                            A DREAM FOR THE WORLD

                                            It starts...
                                              one man spots a penny laying in the road.
                                                       He picks it up, holds it and
                                                                             carries it with him.
                                            But, not for long...
                                                    you see he knows the code.
                                            He does a good deed.
                                                     For, along the way
                                                                  he gives it up to someone
                                                                                in need.
                                            "It's only metal"
                                                    you'll hear him say.
                                                               "Sometime I'll  be there,
                                             this will come back to
                                                                  me down the way".
                                                  If only everyone
                                                         would do just that...
                                             What a magnificent place this
                                                    world would be.
                                                On the back we'd all deserve
                                                       such a huge pat.
                                              So, every night I'll pray
                                                                 that prayer
                                                 for a world that comes from
                                                       a child's view.
                                              Now, there's a dream worthy
                                                                  of everyone seeing
                                                            it through.
                                                                             - Connie-

     (to my wonderful son)
My precious little one,
          how I love you so,
 and every small touch,
          makes my love for you grow.
When I first felt your kick
   'twas my heart and soul you took.
         and I realize you are happy
as your eyes sparkle when you
   give me that beaming look.
This is my reward for
       a job well done.
Now I know 'tis in life I have won.
  So know this, my sweet dear...
        I owe my life to you
and you'll always be
                   my cuddly Teddy bear!



"I am the way, the truth, and the life" 
                           John 14:6


Just how I feel

                                                   Your love is like a river, so
                                                          tranquil and deep.
                                                    Something great I value and
                                                                  strive every day  to keep.
                                                    Your affection so perfect
                                                          and intuitively true.
                                                              It is uplifting,
                                                                             and unyielding.
                                                           Just like you!
                                                     For I know you to be
                                                                      a brilliant man
                                                           And so far from being dull.
                                                     Your feelings eminently
                                                         If only I could break through
                                                                                that wall.
                                                      Well, my love,
                                                                   now you know just
                                                                           how I feel.
                                                       I love you more
                                                                  than words can express.
                                                       So, I'll simply leave
                                                         With my seal -
                                               ( to my wonderful, sweet husband who stuck with me
                                                through all our problems and found the strength to
                                                   work them all out.)


As long as I live I'll never
     forget the times we've shared...
                       having fun.
For 'twas so nicely that we paired.
   Our trips so special,
           the games we'd play.
That was us,
        that was our way.
  Never mattering where we went,
            or what we done.
The fact irrefutable...
   we'd always have fun.
      With never a hint of strife,
'twas then I had,
              the time...
                 of my life!
                              - Connie Star-
( Dedicated to my loving Grandparents,
  who spent much of their time giving
  me a sense of life I'd never have known.)

                                                                             "We are lovers of beauty
                                                                               without extravagance"
                                                                                                 - Thucydides

" I am convinced that life is 10% what happens
   to me and 90% how I react to it"
                                         - Charles Swindoll

                                                 " A careful man I want to be, a little
                                                                         fellow follows me"
                                                                                      - Unknown

    ( To my wonderful Mother)
A Mother's love is like the heavens...
   So impossible to reach.
It holds powers so eminently special
      only her child could understand.
It is as deep as the ocean,
  as wide as the shores,
and can ease any hurt with the
  simple touch of her hand.
A Mother's love is
                         and true.
It's uplifting,
              and comfortable.
   For, about it, you always knew.
I am greatful to my Mother who has
          taught me everything.
  In unlocking any answer she always
     held the key and now
                 all I can do is pray
     that someday I'll be as good as she.
                                        - Connie-


                                 On Cloud Nine
                                                                     (To my precious little girl)
                   Little fingers touching mine...
                                 A toothless grin as you
                                            stare at me.
                    Now my eyes are starting to shine.
                          With a million stars
                      in them...
                             They would blind even the
                        largest of ships.
                    For, this is the kind of happiness,
                                        nothing could dim.
                    I fly to the heavens
                            every time you reach
                                      for me.
                       With each moment
                               my love grows stronger.
                    For, 'tis only sunshine that
                         you make me see.
                    You brighten my world
                                             every day.
                        You lift me up when
                                           I'm down.
                            So, by your side I'll  always
                     I do not know what I ever did
                           but now I know
                     'tis you I'll always need.
                        So my darling little girl,
                                  I will strive everyday
                                              to deserve your
                             love in every way.
                     That is...
                          My life long CREED.
                                                     - Mommy-


Home Away From Home
                          (To a wonderful friend and Great-Grandmother)
                           I will always remember
                                      our special times together.
                          We had so much great fun...
                                       even when there was work to be done.
                       Remember our dinners together?
                                 To say the least, they were quite neat.
                        Your cooking I still long for,
                                              and lifting up my napkin
                                                        would always bring, to me,
                                                                 A special treat...
                       A dollar,
                              or two,
                                   sometimes more
                                              'twas, for me, like standing
                             on the oceans vast shore.
                       Exciting, yet something,
                                                so secure.
                        I knew you would always be there.
                                               Therefore our love always pure.
                        And, oh, how we would read and pray.
                                    Because of you 'tis, with  me, those
                                                     things even now
                                                                        still stay.
                         You see, grandma dear,
                                          back to you always rome.
                         I know the way by heart.
                                                    for, it was always my
                                home away from home!
                                                             -Connie Star-

"There is a wisdom of the head,
  and a wisdom of the heart".
                 -Charles Dickens

                                              "It matters to this one
                                               and it matters to me".
                                                   -Connie S. Catron-
                                              A.K.A.:*A shining star*

"Little drops of water make a mighty ocean".
                    -Julia A. Fletcher Carney

                              "Dreams  are the touch tones
                                                                         of our character".
                                                                             -Henry David Thoreau

       "There's no happiness
              where there is no wisdom".

                             "It is only with the heart
                                                                       that one can see rightly;
                                                                      What is essential is
                                                                       invisible to the eye".
                                                                            -Antoine De Saint-Exysery

"The best and most beautiful things
  in the world cannot be seen, or even
  touched; They must be felt with the
                                 -Helen Keller

     "...Lord willing."
                                        -N. A.

 "The wicked flee when no man pursueth:
   But the righteous are bold as lions".
                              -Proverbs 28:1

               "If I am inconsiderate about the comfort of
              others, or their feelings, or even their little
              weaknesses; If I am careless about their little
              hurts and miss opportunities to smooth their
              way; If I make the sweet running of household
              wheels more difficult to accomplish, then I
              know nothing of cavalry love".
                                                  -Amy Carmicheal

                                       "My heart is steadfast, O God;
                                                                         I  will sing and make music
                                                                         with all my soul".
                                                                                         -PSALM 108:1

 "Live life for what its worth,
   life is too short not to"...
                       -Dale Sr.


         The Prayer

      I asked the Lord to bless you
       As I prayed for you today,
      To guide you and protect you
       As you go along your way...

     His love is always with you
      His promises are true,
     And when we give Him all our cares
      You know He will see us through.

      So when the road you're traveling on
       Just remember I'm here praying
     And God will do the rest.




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 I wish to leave you with this final window into my soul:

              As a parent and a wife my family is the make up of my entire life. 
             And the best quote I have yet to come across, the one thats worth
             the world's weight in gold, can not be written or spoken.  But I 
             see it everyday in my childerns' smiles, in my husband's kisses,
             and in their eyes when I return home from my daily erands.  I hear 
             it in the " I love you's", in their laughter, and in the continous 
            " I want's" from a family of three.  Those are the moments that make
             my life worth living, and those moments, those mere seconds of 
             complete happiness will forever be etched in my soul.  I will 
             thank God every day of my life for the three wonderful gifts he has
             bestowed upon me and strive to be deserving of them.
                                                                        - Constance Star Catron



Credits:  To my forgiving husband who did 90% of the work
             you have just viewed and beared with me through
             all my pickiness.  Also to my family and children who
             have showered me with love.  Last but certainly not least
             to all those out there who have shown me there are still
             good people in this world.   I THANK YOU!

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