A  Tribute to
                        Dale Catron is our Daddy. And he is the best Daddy in the world.


                                 This is our Daddy!!!!!!

                    He does bunches of stuff with me and my sissy.  He plays with us and helps me fix things when I break them.
                                               I love him sooooo much. Sissy loves him sooooo much too.
                     Something's we work on cars together and I help him get them fixed. We also take rides on his tractor to go see
                    go see kids play baseball.
                    He is strong, he can pick my Mommy up to get my toy off the roof of our garage. When I have a bad dream, he
                    always comes and makes me feel better.

                My Daddy can do anything, and he can fix anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

         He even started Hearts to Hands so he could give people furniture who don't have very
              much money. Mommy says its helps make the people happy.

              Our Daddy is so great that Mommy wrote poems about them. They are at the bottom of the

           When Daddy goes to work me and sissy miss him very much. Sissy asks for him until he comes back. If I can't
                  get through a game on Nintendo Daddy can even play it for me and he knows how to do everything on the
                  computer. He is teaching me how to play with my very own computer!!! He built it for me.

                                               Daddy taught sissy how to share the piano with me.
                                            Daddy taught me how to pray when I get scared.

                  Since Daddy loves lighthouses Mommy helped me put pictures of them on here for Daddy!!!

                  Daddy hugs me when I am sad.            And tells me that it's okay when I
                                                                                                                       spill juice on the couch.

                           Here is the poem Me and Mommy wrote:
                                       (Sissy did not help because she is too little. She is only 1 1/2 years old you know)

               D efinitly my favoritest Man in the whole wide world!
              A wonderful friend! (The bestest you know!)
              D ale Eugene Catron (I am so special Daddy gave me his name) but I have a Jr. after my name
                        to show everybody that I am his son. He is real proud of me and likes to show me off to everybody.
              D addy and D.J. (that's me) time. (I love to spend time with Daddy, we fix stuff you know)
              Y ou Daddy....... I want to grow up to be just like YOU!!!!!!!!!!

                             There is something I think you should know:

                     We have the bestest Daddy in the world!!!!!!

                              This next part is from Mommy.

         Hello All. Thank you for staying with us through my son's rambling! What I have typed is what he has said
                word for word. He is only 4 years old, but wanted something to surprise his Daddy with. Web pages are
                Dale's specialty, not mine.... so needless to say this is definitely going to surprise him completely.
                With that said, let me say a few words about the wonderful Daddy I have been blessed with for our

                I could not have chosen a better father. I thank God everyday for him, when I see him playing, cuddling,
                or maybe teaching D.J. and Cierra.  He is always there for them and strives to give them all of the things
                children want.

                I once heard the anyone could be a father, but it took someone special to be a Daddy!! Through my years
                of motherhood and teaching others to be daddy's I have learned that saying is all truth.  Let me say that,  Dale
                is not only a Daddy ( a title that is hard to earn), he is the best one I have found yet.

                Here is a little poem I wrote 2 years ago about what I see when he is with our Son.


The Daddy I See

       I often wonder...
    wonder if you truly know.
      For giving due credit on fathering just isn't you.
     But the only dream, for our son, I dream....
  is like you he grow
    Just how much he adores you...
    that you will never see.
               But, I gaze with amazement as he stands at your knee.
        With the eye of an eagle he watches you...
            and Playing,
                 or just simply seeing things through.
                  His personality mimicked after Dad, as well as, to be himself.
                 And that you're the best in the world, in our eyes.....
      Iron Clad!
                 So, remember this as you journey through you daily life,
                Smiling, Laughing,or maybe in strife...
              and then you start to frown.
              But Daddy, he loves YOU
                up to the sky, and then...
                back down!!!

                                    - Connie Catron

              Here is something special just for you Daddy...

                                See, their Bubby and Sissy Angels
                           to watch over you when we are gone.

 We Love You Daddy!!!!