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Arts & Humanities  Expand your cultural horizons as you explore various web sites dealing with philosophy, literature, and the fine arts. Take a walk through a Rembrandt, read some Shakespeare prose, or study Viking ornamentation. 

Museum of Art: Rembrandt
TheHistoryNet - Where History Lives on the Web
Playbill On-line
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture: Architectural History
Japanese Art and Western influence
Leonardo da Vinci Museum
The Logic and Philosophy home page
Exploring Ancient World Cultures




Games  Amuse yourself by trying your hand at some of these creative on-line games. Be sure to have the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in and the RealAudio plug-in for maximum enjoyment! 

The Mr. Showbiz Plastic Surgery Lab
K-Swiss Classic Tennis
The Rock movie game
Welcome to Sega Online!
Toy Story Games
Game Games Happy Puppy's Front
Kids' WB! - Connect the Dots Game
Nintendo Power Source
Welcome to




Internet  We all know what the Internet is... or do we? Follow these links to learn the history of the Internet, how to use e-mail, and what accessories you need to get the most out of the Information Super Highway. 

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
A Little History of the World Wide Web
Netscape Navigator Components
The Internet Magazine Home Page
Interactive Week
Wink Communications Group
Netscape AppFoundry
ZD Internet Magazine - FREE Premiere Issue
Internet 2000 for Jack and Jill and Little Joey




Learning Experiences  For anyone trying to find a Website where they can learn some new and interesting facts, you have come to the right place. From Discovery Channel online, to a tour through Africa, there are a lot of cool sites here. 

Foreign Languages for Travelers
Ocean Planet Homepage
Welcome to Britannica Online
Welcome to PBS ONLINE!
Durbanet Art Gallery Encyclopedia
Harvard University WWW Home Page
Quality and Communication Improvement Programs (QCI)
Grolier Interactive Home Page
Discovery Channel Online
Alchemy of Africa" - Your "channel" into Africa.




If there is a movie out that you want to know about, be assured that it is in one of our movie links. Visit all of the major producer's web sites, with links to all current hit movies. 

Paramount Pictures Online
Brothers Quay Home Page
Universal Pictures
Miramax Films
Trimark Theatres
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Warner Bros. Movie Page
The Film Zone
Sony Pictures Studio Tour




Music  Our music links will let you find out what the Top 40 songs in any genre are, read a digital music magazine, visit the sites of some of the top producers, or link into your favorite artists. 

Universal Studios Music
Virgin Records - America
R&S Alternative Records
"Casey's Top 40" - Latest Broadcast
Live Home Page
An Alternative World
Geffen/DGC Home Page
Modern Rock Live - CD Discman Hits




Parenting  Parents are using the Internet more and more, and now there are some valuable links here that any parent can use. From single parent web sites to child safety to parenting teens, links to a variety of topics are found here. 

Single Parents WebSite
Quality Time
Nashville Parent Magazine
Parenting Today's Teen Newsletter
SAM - Stay At-Home Mothers Newsletter
Single Parents Association Online!
The Mommy Times
A Study of Education & Development of Children
Child Safety on the Information Highway



Reference Desk  These links are designed to give you a place to go when you need to research information. Discover the entomology of a word, study new technologies, or see an image map of what the wind currents over Canada look like right now. 

Purdue Weather Processor
Perseus Project Homepage
BookWire - The First Place to Look for Book Information
Asia, Inc. Online
UCLA Arts Library Homepage
Columbia University: Bartleby Library
Genealogy Dictionary
The Internet Public Library
HotWired Network



Science  Have you ever seen a QuickTime movie of cells expanding? Curious how many shark attacks occur in the United States every year? Have any idea what the weather is like in Africa right now? Find these answers and many more with our Science links. 

CELLS alive!
The Invention Dimension
The Weather Channel
Views of the Solar System
Exploratorium Home Page
The High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center
You Can with Beakman and Jax
Welcome to EarthRISE




Search Engines  Are you looking for a certain topic or website on the Internet? Visit one of these 10 different search engines to help get you going. 

Welcome to Lycos
AltaVista Technology
Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
NetPartners Company Site Locator
Welcome to MusicSearch
Excite Home


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Updated July 13, 2000

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