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Hello my name is Steve Lampereur, and my amateur radio service callsign is KB9MWR. I've been a ham since my Junior year in high school in 1996. I started looking into ham radio my freshman year, but I dragged my feet because I couldn't find a local testing session.

What I do as a ham

Growing into the hobby with the Ashwaubenon HS Tech Club, as a  younger generation my interests in the hobby gravitate towards exploring and experimenting and suggesting a variety of new technologies for the amateur radio service.

My main interests are in (fast) digital communications (kb9mwr.ampr.org), and some homebrewing. Check out my blog,  and research projects.

Oddly enough the ability to talk all over the world doesn't really interest me.  HF to me is where you will find the oldest camp of hams, usually using SSB and older modes.  There simply isn't enough bandspace on HF to support the applications that interest me.  By comparison we have a huge microwave allocations, that is by far more precious this day in age to commercial interests and to any type of modern ham deployment.

I also periodically talk to local folks on VHF/UHF FM voice and meeting them at local club meetings and community events.  If your a local, I frequently monitor the Ashwaubenon HS Tech Club 147.075 MHz repeater here in town.


My QSL card, Ham radio file area, Local ham radio links, References to the hobby on TV cartoons

What is Ham Radio?

What is Ham Radio?: Amateur Radio (nicknamed "ham radio") is the greatest hobby in the world! Ham radio operators use a variety of different radio frequencies to make friends with people all over the world, communicate over orbiting space satellites, and provide emergency communications during disasters.

In the United States, Amateur Radio is administered by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC requires hams show competency and knowledge of electronics, radio frequency safety, operating procedures, and basic rules and regulations by passing different written and Morse Code proficiency exams.

Hams in the Green Bay Area: See if a ham lives near you, maybe they can help you. List of licensed hams in Green Bay and check out the youth in the hobby and the local amateur radio clubs.

Have more questions about amateur radio? View the Ham-FAQ!

For more general information about Ham Radio visit the American Radio Relay League's webpage.

Take A Sample Test:You can now take a sample amateur radio license exam on-line! That's a tremendous help in studying, as it allows you to identify areas of the question pools where you might be having trouble, and it lets you gauge your progress. Just click here to take a sample test

Find a Test Session Near You: Once your ready to take your test, visit the ARRL VEC's homepage and find the next upcoming amateur radio test in your area! Or take a look at this local (WI) testing list.

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