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Name Call(s) In 1940: At Death: Alive: Notes:
X Francis J Allard W9NUH 1939-7/2/2015
X Orville V. Badeau W9UWB Green Bay Green Bay 1910-5/4/1993  
John J. Barnes Never Licensed De Pere   1951- St. Norbert Director Of Facilities 1985-2015
George B. Bellinger W9QPP/W9LET Green Bay Park Forest/Cook County IL? 1908-10/28/1980? Radio repair man (obit)
Gregory A. Bennett Never Licensed Green Bay   1963-2013 WFRV Engineer 1997-2000? (obit)
Joseph "Joe" F. Berger W9BCH Wrightstown   1903-1963  
X Leslie "Les" R. Berkle W9WWC Green Bay Green Bay 1902-9/8/1996  
Edward A. Binish W9OPA Green Bay Green Bay 1908-5/5/1976 no real obit
Kenneth "Ken" R. Bisel W9HWX Neenah   1908-1993  
X Herbert "Herb" H. Bomalaski Never Licensed Green Bay 1905-6/6/2001 Established Green Bay NWS 
X Cletus J. Collom  8DAX, 8AXE Essexville, MI Clare, MI 1898-3/18/1994 SNC student and inventor, built WHBY
X Henry "Hank" A. Colwell W9JTZ Green Bay Green Bay 1910-9/29/1990  
X Antonio Cruz-Uribe  XE1BT Green Bay Green Bay 1910-8/7/1985
X Lillian M. Cruz-Urbie W9MMO Green Bay Green Bay 1927-4/21/2014
X Oliver D. Davis W9WLZ Green Bay Green Bay 1919-1/5/2013 Obit
X Howard F. DeGroot W9TEV  Green Bay Green Bay 1922-10/1/1976
Richard J. De Witt  K9PSW Green Bay Lakeside, OR 1923-2/25/1995
X Harold A. Dole W9CTH Green Bay Eau Claire 1906-1/4/1964 Owner: Badger State Radio  Also listed as an operating engineer at WTAQ (obit)
X Elmer O. Eisenman 9BUT Green Bay Green Bay 1904-10/10/1995 Sold car batteries
X Bernard E. "Barney" Engels W9NTD Green Bay   1902-4/9/1970 No real obit 
X John H. Foeller W9ART Green Bay Green Bay 1906-9/1/1985
X Francis "Frank" J. Fournier KD9EKU Green Bay Green Bay 1920-5/25/1995
X William J. "Bill" Galbraith KA9DYT Denmark Denmark 1920-6/29/1991 Red Cross Executive Director 1961-1984
X Carl J. Gerlach W9FKH/WA9PUH Green Bay Green Bay 1914-4/20/1994
Berthold "Bert" A. Halfpap 9BWU/W0KOA Green Bay Denver, CO 1905-03/14/1993
X Harrison L. "Harry" Haskins W9FWO/9AZV Green Bay Green Bay 1906-1/24/1975 Ran a TV repair shop in the 50's later played piano at Shakey's 70s
X Harry H. Heinrich W9KPG Green Bay Green Bay 1911-6/10/2001
Harry R. Hill Never Licensed Green Bay   1927- WFRV Engineer 1955-1986 (per phone call)
Ralph Hoffman   Shawano?   1909-1987?  
X John H. Holloway W9ZDY/W9PCR Green Bay Green Bay 1886-4/28/1966 US1778190 US2446090 US2258055 US2569002
Frommhold K. "Doc" Holtz W9NDT Hilbert OH 1918-4/1/1994  
X Allan F. Houston W9WJH Green Bay W. Palm Beach, FL 1913-7/1/1995
James J. "Jim" Hyskey W9GJK Sturgeon Bay Sturgeon Bay 1911-7/14/1978  
X Almon F. "Al" Ives W9JCC Green Bay Green Bay 1907-12/2/1970  
X Alton R. "Al" Janelle (Sr.) W9CEA/9APA Green Bay Green Bay 1904-9/4/1941 Al Jr "Alton W. Janelle" was born in 1927
X Alton W. Janelle II W9CEA/KA9AIV Green Bay Green Bay 1927-5/162017
X Elizabeth "Bette" Johnson WB9PKJ Green Bay Green Bay 1922-10/28/2010
X William F. Johnston W9NZL Green Bay Woodruff, WI 1925-2/6/2008 Teacher at West HS
X William H. Juhre W9IMQ De Pere Stevens Point, WI 1903-1/30/1976 obit
X Paul J. Kehl W9GFL Green Bay Green Bay 1913-5/24/1968
X Edward J. Kehoe W9NXA De Pere De Pere 1914-08/08/1999
Grace A. Kehoe W9OPV Green Bay Marinette 1911-2/19/2000 no real obit
X George E. Klak W9EFL Green Bay San Jose, CA 1899-12/21/1970 Teacher at East High
Lowell "Bud" W. Koeppell W9HIF Green Bay Brookfield, WI 1919-11/30/1996
X Edmund C. Liebert W9UMJ Green Bay Green Bay 1921-11/2/1996
X William "Bill" G. Lindeke W9BVL/K9GG De Pere De Pere 1923-2/13/1989
X George H. Lord W9NNL Green Bay Green Bay 1905-9/14/62  
X Joseph C. "Joe" Lotter W9JBU/W9FFX Seymour Seymour 1901-11/22/1977
X Victor W. "Vic" Lotter W9DRI Seymour Seymour 1899-2/2/1988
X Ronald I. Mac Donald W9BKD Green Bay Green Bay 1909-5/22/1976
X Harvey A. Mattes K9DOL/W9UBX Green Bay Green Bay 1905-11/1/1972  
Ambrose S. McKloskey W9JXZ/W9ZOJ Green Bay Eden Prairie, MN 1914-9/30/2003  
X Russell W. Mott W9AAH Green Bay De Pere 1913-3/17/2007 obit
X Elhart "Earl" F. Nelson W9DER Green Bay Green Bay 1912-12/11/1992
X Meredith T. Nielsen K9CZC Green Bay Green Bay 1919-10/4/1997
X Finley C. "Curt" Peacock 9CTS/W9FIN Green Bay Green Bay 1907-05/11/2001
X Hobart "Hub" N. Paine W9IKY Green Bay Milwaukee 1894-3/19/1966 obit
X Louis "Louie" H. Pansier W9LYX Green Bay Green Bay 1925-1/26/71 Water meter reader
X Fredrick "Fred" A. Rahr II W9NNT Green Bay Green Bay 1901-08/21/1976 (new ham lic 1939)
X Elmo W. Reed W9VNC Green Bay Green Bay 1917-12/31/2014 WLUK engineer, and WJPG-FM
Harold Reid Green Bay   1908-? Wife: Rosemary
X Lawrence "Larry" H. Robbins W9LID Green Bay Walton, FL 1916-05/19/1995
Lloyd W. Root W9EHD/W9HA Appleton Appleton 1908-9/28/1985  
X Charles J. Sanders WD9CLL Green Bay Green Bay 1914-10/4/1998
X Robert "Bob" W. Sanders, Jr N9LXM De Pere De Pere 1956-5/21/2011 NWS Meteorologist
X Carlton O. Schaaf W9QYH Green Bay Green Bay 1922-1/1/1993
X Arthur W. Schmidt W9VGL Green Bay   1918-3/7/2000  
X Gregory J. Schneider W9IEI Green Bay Appleton 1939-11/18/2008 obit
X Richard C. Shafer W9URY Wrightstown Wrightstown 1922-6/11/2002 Taught at St. Mary High School in Menasha.. He started a ham radio club and mentor
X Ora L. Showers W9RNS Green Bay Iron Mountain, MI 1919-3/18/1995 English teacher at Preble High School
X Robert "Bob" E. Showers  W9HDV Green Bay Green Bay 1917-5/20/1980 Science teacher at East High 1941-1979
X Harlan P. Sieth NQ9F Green Bay 1924-2/25/2011
Thomas "Tom" G. Smith Never Licensed Green Bay   1946- St. Norbert Director of Media Services till 2013
X Harry P. Staszak W9TKZ/WB9WAT Green Bay Green Bay 1913-4/9/1988  
Walter J. Stromberg W9DC Green Bay   1904- 10/1978 Later Lake Geneva
Rodney L. Synnes W9GKZ Green Bay 1932- Alive in Sister Bay
X Joseph "Joe" A. Taylor W9OMT/W9JO Green Bay MN 1937-12/12/2002 Later moved to MN to become engineer at KSTV TV
X William "Bill" F. Terp W9FGH Green Bay Green Bay 1906-05/1/1972
Guy A. Theeke Never Licensed Green Bay   1913-1990 Per Kurt Theeke
Robert A Theroux WB9YCQ Green Bay Green Bay 1916-10/05/1997  no real obit
X Orin C. Thompson W9KIZ Green Bay WI Rapids 1908-6/10/2002 corrected
X Clayton J. Toonen Green Bay Green Bay 1923-3/4/2011 Involved with WHBY and WGBP
X Charles T. Urban W9ZEQ/K3IVI Green Bay PA 1926-03/9/2012 Fr. Urban taught at Premontre High School
Myron J. Vannes   Green Bay   1909-1994  
X John W. Varney W9YDY/AG9K Green Bay Clintonville 1918-2/5/1993  
Harold O. Walch W9GUE Green Bay Green Bay 1906-12/9/1984  no real obit
X "Jerry Van" Gerald VanDen Wymelenberg W9VOW Green Bay Green Bay 1916-2/14/2012 Obit
X James A. Wagner W9STY De Pere De Pere 1901-3/1/1982 St. Norbert seminarian, WHBY
X Charles "Leo" Westerman W9BWZ/W9HID Green Bay Darlington, WI 1902-11/15/1993 Worked at WDUZ in 1961
Daniel J. Wiese WA9UXM Green Bay Green Bay 1950-11/10/1999
Lowell W. Zable W9UPB Neenah   1913-2006? Wrote the history of Neenah comm and patent


Francis J. Allard W9NUH 1939-2015

Francis Joseph Allard Jr., age 75, Stillwater, Minnesota passed away July 2, 2015, at The Lighthouse of Mahtomedi from Amyloid Angiopathy and Alzheimer's Disease. He was born in Green Bay, WI, on Nov. 5, 1939, to Francis J Allard and Marguerite (Simonet) Allard.

Joe graduated from Premontre High School, Green Bay, in 1957 and from Michigan Technological University, BS Chemical Engineering, Houghton, Michigan in 1964. He was an Army Reservist from 1956-1964, with ten months of active duty at Fort Lewis, Washington. He had a successful career as a chemical engineer at 3M Company, working in Duplicating Products, Engineering Research, and Corporate Quality and Manufacturing Services, retiring in 1997 after 33 years. Joe loved bass fishing, camping trips to the BWCA, music (big band, jazz, and ragtime), and keeping up with current events. The sound of his piano playing filled the house many evenings. He kept his body in good condition.

Joe was a quiet man with a dry sense of humor. He showed love by living his values and doing the right things.

Orville V. Badeau W9UWB 1910-1993

Orville V. Badeau, 83, 819 Riverview Dr, Village of Howard, passed away unexpectedly Tuesday May 5th at a local hospital.  Mr. Badeau was born February 6, 1910 in Shawano to the late Ernest and Augusta Badeau. Orville married the former Mary Dobesh in the St. Mary of the Angels church in 1930.  They have been residents of the Village of Howard for the past 50 years.

Orville served in the U.S. Navy in World Ward II overseas and received honorable discharge.  He also worked for the C. Reiss Coal Company as an electrician until his retirement.  He was a member of St. John the Baptist Church, a life time member of the Howard Troup #1113 and was a volunteer scouter with the Bay Lakes Council of B.S.A. serving many positions on the Council district and troup levels.  He was a leader leader of troup #1113 of St. John the Baptist since 1964 and attended Bear Paw Summer Camp with the scouts for man years. He also was a member of the Navy Club of the U.S.A and was awarded Club Shipmate of he year 1992 from ship #18 of Green Bay.  He also was a member of the Knights of Columbus Counsel #6279, Duck Creek for many years.

Leslie R. Burckle W9WWC 1902-1996

Leslie R. Burckle, 93, Green Bya died Sunday Sept 8 at a local nursing home. He was born on December 3, 1902 in De Pere to the late William and Mathilda (Schwartz) Burckle.  Les married the former Rose Arnold on October 4, 1927 in Kaukauna.  He worked at Joannes Brothers Wholesalers, Porlier Market and Morley-Murphy from where he retired in 1967.

Les was a long time member of the St. Mary of the Angles Parish and was active in the Green Bay Amateur Radio Club.  For many years he was also a Boy Scout-master at St. Mary's and active in the district level as a commissioner.

Herbert "Herb" H. Bomalaski 1905-2001

Herbert H. Bomalaski, 95, Green Bay passed away on Wednesday June 6, 2001 at a local nursing home. Herbert was born on June 13, 1905 in Siberia, Indiana.  Bomalaski attended High School at Jasper College in Indiana and continued his formal education at Evansville College, Indiana.  Herbert was employed though the Federal Government in the National Weather Service Department.  He fell into his career shortly after high school when he joined the Army Signal Corps.  He was one of two selected in the Weather Bureau at Kelly Field, Texas.  Upon discharge Herbert was assigned to the weather bureau in Evansville, Indiana.  He worked in Cleveland, Ohio from 1935 until he was transferred back from Evansville to 1939.  Herbert then worked in Chicago from 1943 to the time he moved to Green Bay 1944.  In 1949 Herbert established and instituted the Weather Broadcasting Service in Green Bay being the first "voice on the air" to broadcast weather.  He was the Meteorologist In Charge at Green Bay until his retirement in 1970.  Herbert was active with the Gillett Canning Company in regards to the weather and pea crops.  In 1948 he published a paper using growing degree days in connection with crop maturity.  This formula is still used today.  He was instrumental an a part of the building committee for Saint Agnes and Nativity Catholic Churches. Herb was a member of the Knights of Columbus Council #617 and belonged to the Retired Men's Club.  He was an avid gardener and loved to spend time outdoors. Herb belonged to S.C.O.R.E. for many years and in his later years greatly enjoyed assisting other seniors with their income taxes.  He loved volunteering his time for Meals on Wheels with Dr. Bernard Walkirk. 

Cletus J. Collom 8DAX/8AXE 1898-1994

Cletus Collom, age 95, of Clare, passed away in March 18, 1994.

He was born April 14, 1898, in Great Falls, Montana, and came to Michigan in his early youth.  A resident of Clare for the past 19 years, he was an active industrialist for most of his life.

His interest in electronics developed early, and while attending St. Norbert College, he built one of the countries first commercial radio stations which is still in operation in Green Bay, WI.

In 1938, Collom founded Weltronics Company, a resistive welding controls pioneer, which grew to world leadership by 1960.  During World War II, he developed the Magnaflux process and the first walkie-talkie for the U.S. Army.  He developed other businesses which used the principles of radio electronics, pioneering the use of radio frequency for industrial heating and developing radio-controlled garage door openers and amateur radio transmitters.  Welduction Corporation and Multi-Elmac Corporation were established as a result.  He also built Powertran, Bay Products, Weltronic England, Weltronic Belgium, and Worldtronic Clare.

Collom had more that 50 patents covering various aspects of industrial electronics.  He received numerous awards for his success, notably; Honary Doctor of Science from St. Norbert University in 1976, the AWS District 11 Meritorious Award in 1991; and the Elihu Thomas Resistance Welding Award in 1993.

Collom was a member of the Clare council of the Knights of Columbus.

Henry A. Colwell III W9JTZ 1910-1990

Henry A, Colwell II, age 80 of 133 S. Taylor St., died unexpectedly Saturday Sept 29, 1990 at a local hospital following a short illness.

The son of the late James and Madilin Colwell was born Sept 10, 1910 in Brewster, New York. Mr. Colwell married of the former Bessie Kalmus on May 8. 1937 at St. Mary's Church in Kansas City, MO.  Following their marriage the lived in various parts of the United States, finally coming to Green Bay in 1951.

He was employed by Wheeler Transportation and Consolidated Freightways Corp. as a rate clerk, retiring in 1975.  He was a charter member of the Green Bay West Lions Club since 1963.  He was a member of the Blessed Sacrament Episcopal Church.

Antonio Cruz-Uribe XE1BT 1910-1985

Antonio Cruz-Uribe, 74, 901 Howard Street died Wednesday evening at a local hospital after a long illness.  He was born September 2, 1910 in Huichpan, State of Hidalgo, Mexico, to the late Hermalinda Urbe De Cruz and Ascencio J. Cruz.  He married the former Lilian Hasseler in Green Bay in 1946.

Mr. Cruz-Urbie was a member of the Honorary Consul of Mexico for the State of Wisconsin since 1969.  He wa a dean of Consular Corps of Wisconsin from 1980-1985.  He was a member of the International Consular Corps and a charter member (1927) of Mexican Radio League and A.R.A.R.M. in Mexico.  He was also a member of the American Radio Relay League.  He was an avid chess player, taking the city championship in 1946/1947.

Mr. Cruz-Uribe attended the Autonomo Universidad De Mexico from 1928 to 1932 and the Universidad De Madrid in 1936.  He taught at the University of Wisconsin Extension System from 1943 to 1946.  From 1940, he worked as an electronics technician at Northwest Engineering until his retirement in March 1976.

Lillian M. Cruz-Urbie W9MMO 1927-2014

Lillian Mae (Hasseler) Cruz-Uribe, 86, passed away Monday, April 21, 2014, after a long illness. She was born July 11, 1927, in Wisconsin Rapids, WI to the late William and Ruth (Danielson) Hasseler. Lillian married Antonio Cruz-Uribe on December 26, 1946, and they were married for 39 years.

She worked for Brown County Social Services Department for 13 years before retiring in 1991. Lillian worked for many years with the St. Patrick Parish Women's Club, played bridge for 40 years, enjoyed traveling, reading mysteries, had a ham radio license (W9MMO), could speak Spanish and loved spending time with her grandchildren. She was also a superb cook; specializing in various Mexican dishes all the way to making her famous "Cruz-Uribe" bars. You could always find her in the kitchen whipping up one of her specialties and never using a recipe. 

Oliver D. Davis W9WLZ 1919-2013

Oliver D. Davis, 93, Green Bay, passed away on Saturday, January 5, 2013.  He was born on February 17, 1919 in Green Bay to the late Norman & Minnie Davis. Oliver graduated from East High School.

He loved Ham Radio, his call letters were W9WLZ. As a young man he built his own radio equipment, he would repair radio equipment in his parent's basement.

Oliver belonged to the Green Bay Mike & Key Club.

When Oliver was younger he worked part time as a projectionist for the local theaters. He started his own Audio Visual Company that he ran for 66 years. He also worked for Gabe's Appliance Store.

Howard F. DeGroot W9TEV 1922-1976

Howard F. DeGrott, 54, 2105 Enderby Ln., died Monday morning, Oct 1, at a local hospital after a long illness.  He was born August 15,1922 in Green Bay to the late Louis and Moraine DeGroot.  Mr. DeGrott was a life long Green Bay resident and was employed at the Wisconsin Public Service Corp. for the past 29 years.  He was a veteran of World Ware II, serving in the US Navy.  His first wife. the former Delores Harvey, preceded him in death in 1958.  In 1960 he married the former Carol George.  He was a member and president of the Quarter Century Club of Wisconsin Public Service Corp, The Baylanders Barber Shop Chorus, SS.  Peter and Paul Church Choir, and the Catholic Order of Foresters.

Harold A. Dole W9CTH 1906-1964

Harold A. Dole, 57 of 415 Jefferson St, a resident of Eau Claire for the past five years, died at Luther Hospital January 4th.  He is survived by his wife, Grace A.; two sons and two daughters all of Eau Claire.

Mr. Dole was born in Scranton Iowa in 1906.  He was a resident of Eau Claire from 1929 to 1935 when he moved to the Green Bay area.  He returned to Eau Claire in 1958.  He was employed by radio station WEAQ and at the Birch Street television shop.  He was a past president of the Green Bay Mike and Key Club, a member of the American Radio Relay League, and had been active in many amateur radio organizations.  

Elmer O. Eisenman 9BUT 1904-1995

Elmer O. Eisenman , 91 formerly of Ravenswood Dr, died Tuesday Oct. 10, 1995.  He was born June 29, 1904 in Pine Grove, the sone of the late Fred and Martha (Wegner) Eisenman.  He graduated from East High School in 1922 and attended Badger Business College.  Elmer married the former Irene Schultz on March 28, 1928 in Los Angeles.  In 1926 he and Jules Gaie established one of the largest automotive battery distributors (at Walnut and S. Madison Sts)  in Wisconsin, retiring in 1970.  He was a member of the National Advisory Board for Willard Batteries, a member of the Board of Directors of the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce, member of United Way, member of the Masonic Washington Lodge F&AM #21, member of the Ancient Order of Pine Snakes and a long-time member of of Grace Lutheran Church, also former President of the Green Bay Lions Club.

John H. Foeller W9ART 1906-1985

John H. Foeller, 79, 2321 Eastman Ave, died Thursday, Sept 1 at a local hospital.  He was born June 29, 1906 in Green Bay to the late Henry and Josephine Foeller.

He was a graduate of Marquette University and attended graduate school at Harvard University.  He was a veteran of World War II and served as a Lt. Commander in the US Navy.  He married Mary Daniel in Green Bay in 1942.  Mr. Foeller was owner of Foeller's Art Store and retired in 1977.  He was a member of the DAV and the Green Bay Elks Club.

Francis "Frank" J. Fournier 1920-1995

Francis "Frank" J. Fourneir, 75, a Green Bay resident, died Thursday, May 25, 1995 at his home following a battle with cancer.  He was born April 17, 1920 in Iowa.

He served in the US Army Air Force during World War II from 1942 until being seriously wounded in 1945.  While in the Armed Forces he received many commendations, including a Silver Star with an Oak Leaf Cluster, Distinguished Flying Cross with 2 Oak Lead Clusters, and the Purple Heart.

Frank married the former Roxie Kanouse on April 25, 1957 in Freemount, Neb.  Frank moved to Green Bay in 1945.  He was employed by the Milwaukee Road as a engineer for 35 years until his retirement in 1980. He was active in ham radio before and during his retirement.  His amateur radio operator call sign was WD9EKU.  Frank was a member of Christ Episcopal Church.

William J. "Bill" Galbraith KA9DYT 1920-1991

Preserving the earth for future generations was William Galbraith's concern.

The rural Denmark environmentalist and former executive director of the Lakeland Chapter of the American Red Cross died Saturday June 29th.  He made is viewpoints known on environmental issues.

"He was a talker" daughter Ann Miller of Suamico said Monday.  "When he would stand up at an environmental hearing or meeting, he would always say "I'm here on behalf of my granddaughters."

Galbraith, 70 was working in his organic garden when he had an apparent heart attack, Miller said.

Galbraith, was a graduate of of the Winnipeg Institute of Technology and the University of Minnesota Duluth.  During World War II, Bill had served with the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1941-1945 Mr. Galbraith and the former Lavonne E. Gollnast were married in International Falls Minnesota in 1949.

Raised in Canada, Galbraith gave up a research job at a paper mill in International Falls, Minnesota to work with the American Red Cross.  First he was a disaster case worker, then a field representative in Iowa and Michigan.  In 1961 Bill and Lavonne came to this area when he he was hired in 1961 to head the Brown County chapter and retired and executive director of the expanded Lakeland Chapter in 1984.

"He was a very dedicated man, very innovative," said Hilary Lesperance, 2130 Lost Dauphin Road, De Pere, a Red Cross volunteer who worked with Galbraith for 13 years.  "He brought in new programs and was always supportive of my efforts as a volunteer."

Galbraith grew fruits and vegetables without pesticides or herbicides.  He grew so many that he and his wife Lavonne delivered the excess to local food pantries.

Galbraith also was an animal lover.  When he had the family's pet husky bred, his wife kidded him about promising not to take one of the litter home.

"Every stray cat or dog that came down the road he'd want to take," Miller, 40 one of four children, said.

Bill was a member of the Green Bay Bird Club, the Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society, and the Gardeners Club of Green Bay.  He was a former member of Downtown Rotary Club and Optimist Club.

Carl J. Gerlach W9FKH/WA9PUH 1914-1994

Carl Joseph Gerlach, 80, 1009 Shadow Lane, Green Bay, passed away peacefully Wednesday morning April 20, 1994.  He was born February 1, 1914 in Marinette to Ewald and Leona Gerlach.  After moving to Green Bay, he attended East High School and later perused a Mechanical Engineering Degree at Purdue University.  On May 28, 1938  he married the former Evelyn Kessler.  She preceded him in death in July of 1979.  He married Beatrice (VanPay) Sinclair in February 1984.  Carl had been employed by FMC Corporation, formerly Hudson-Sharp of Green Bay for 35 years as a Chief Engineer in the field of Machine Design.  He had been an active member of St. Willebrord Parish as an User and Lay Distributor.  He later joined St. Joseph Parish and was a member of the Holy Name Society.  He was a lifetime member of the Knights of Columbus.  Some of his other interests and hobbies included Civil Air Patrol, ham radio operation, bowling, playing cards with family and friends, square dancing and reading.  Carl enjoyed living life to its fullest.

Harrison L. "Harry" Haskins W9FWO/9AZV 1906-1975

Harrison L. Haskins, 68, 1127 Chicago St., died Friday January 24.  He was born Dec 29, 1906 in Muscoda to the late Harvey and Babel Haskins and married Irene Ciha May 17, 1941 in Green Bay.  Haskins was the owner and operator of Haskins Radio and TV.  He was a lifetime member of the Green Bay Mike and Key Club, a member of the Central Assembly of God Church, the treasurer of the Musician's Union, secretary for the Labor Temple and served on the Green Bay Park and Recreation Board.

Harry H. Heinrich W9KPG 1911-2001

Harry H. Heinrich, 89, Green Bay, passed away on Sunday, June 10, 2001 at Woodside Lutheran Home.  Harry was born Dec. 9, 1911 in Lebanon, WI, the son of the late Edward and Marie (Raschke) Heinrich.  Mr. Heinrich graduated from Oshkosh State Teacher's College.  Harry also served his country during World War II in the United States Army stationed in the Signal Corps.  He was a life long member of amateur radio.  His many other interests included music, woodworking, science and literature.  Harry maintained these interests despite struggling with Syringomyelia.  He was a member of S.C.O.R.E. and the Green Bay Men's Club.

John H. Holloway W9ZDY/W9PCR 1886-1966

John H. Holloway, 79, 538 S. Van Buren, died this morning in a local hospital after a long illness.  He was born Sept 9 1886 in Ohio.  Mr. Holloway was a graduate of Purdue University and taught there for several years.  He moved to Green Bay in 1927 and was an engineer with Northwest Engineering and the Murphy Diesel Co., Milwaukee.  Mr. Holloway was a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Purdue Alumni Club, and the Amateur Radio Relay League.

Allan F. Houston W9WJH 1913-1995

Allan F. Houston, 82 of Jensen Beach, FL and Green Bay, died Saturday, July 1,1995 at a local hospital.  He was born in Riverside, IL in 193.  As a child he moved to Green Bay, returning to Chicago to graduate from Oak Park High School and then to attend Lehigh University and the University of Illinois at Champaign.  In 1935 Al returned to Green Bay to join his father at Northwest Engineering.  He served as Vice President until his father's retirement, then as President and Chairman of the Board until 1973.  He was married to Bernice Wilcox from 1940 to 1982.  Golf and boating were two of his favorite past-times.  He began with sailing Lightenings on the Fox River in the 1940's.  He was a veteran yacht racer with over 25 Chicago Mackinacs and was a well know sailing figure on Green Bay's waters.  He also enjoyed hunting, fishing , riding horses and skeet shooting.  He even skied with his daughters in Colorado at age 79.  W9JPH was his call sign as a ham radio operator for 60 years.  During the holidays he enjoyed relaying message from servicemen around the world to their families.

Almon "Al" F. Ives W9JCC 1907-1970

Almon F. Ives, 63 of 1573 Louise St, died unexpectedly Saturday Dec 2 in a local hospital.  Born May 24, 1907, in Sturgeon Bay, he was the son of the late Almon and Bessie Ives.

He lived in Green Bay most of his life and was employed by Wisconsin Public Service Corp for the past 42 years.

Mr. Ives was a member of the American Power Dispatchers Association, the Holy Name Society, and was active in the Boy Scouts of America for many years. Survivors are his wife, the former Lorraine Shane; a son and a daughter.

Alton R. "Al" Janelle (Sr.) W9CEA/9APA 1904-1941

Alton Janelle Crash Victim - Injuries Prove Fatal To Green Bay Man in Hospital Here Monday

Injured in a traffic accident early the morning of September 4, Alton R. Janelle, 37, died at 5 o'clock Monday afternoon in a Green Bay hospital.  He had sustained a basal skull fracture, and did not regain consciousness before his death. 

Coroner Orlen Miller said today tat an inquest will be held into the death when Owne Bandy, driver of the car in which the deceased was a passenger, is able to testify.  A jury will be called this afternoon to view the body.

According to county police, Bandy and Janelle were traveling toward the city on Highway 141 at the intersection with County "V" as Robert Van Calster, driving a Bohemian Bakery Truck, was driving South.  Van Calster told police he swung in the same direction, the cars meeting head-on.

Bandy, who lives at 1176 Harvey Street, sustained fractures of the skull and both legs and his attending physician said he will be in the hospital for at last two months, although his condition is now favorable. Van Calster had lacerations of the leg, lip and the tongue, and has already left the hospital.

The son of Mr. and Mrs. Phyleas Janelle, 333 S. Jackson Strete.  Alton was born in Green Bay Sept. 1, 1904.  He had been employed in his fathers barber shop for the last 16 years.

He was a skilled radio operator with a federal license to operate an amateur station, and a member of the Green Bay Mike and Key Club.  Just recently he had completed an application to join the Civilian Technical Corps, which enlists skilled technicians for service in England but had apparently abandoned the idea of going.  He built one of the first crystal sets in Green Baywhen radio first became a hobby.  He was also a musician, and former member of several orchestras.

Survivors include his wife and a son, Alton Jr., who live at 1131 Willow Street, his parents and two brothers, Noble, Milwaukee, and Ivan at home.

Alton "Al" W. Janelle II (Jr.) W9CEA/KA9AIV 1927-2017

Alton W. Janelle II, age 90, of Green Bay, passed away peacefully, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, with his family by his side. He was born January 19, 1927 in Green Bay, son of the late Alton R. I and Isabel (Liebman) Janelle.

Alton graduated from Central High School after his honorable discharge from the US Navy. During his enlistment, Alton served as staff "morse code operator" on various ships, including the aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt. Alton was a born salesman, from Lindsay's Water Softeners to "Carver Boats" (the very first "on the road salesman" they had). Alton worked as a car salesman for several motor company dealerships including Mercury, Lincoln, Continental, Ford, Chrysler and he even sold R.V.'s. He won many awards for his talents in sales. He was always a "Ford Man."

Alton met his beautiful wife, Kathryn Hedstrom after his service in the Navy and married her, January 22, 1949. They shared 68 loving years of marriage and were blessed with 7 children. Alton was very proud of his 7 children.

Alton enjoyed building and flying radio controlled model airplanes for 25 years. His favorite hobby was Amateur Radio, which he learned from his father at an early age. He obtained his first FCC "Ham Radio" operator's license in the 1960's. Alton volunteered as an radio operator for the Green Bay Mike and Key Club where he conducted monthly testing of the Brown County Emergency Warning Systems. He was awarded a plaque for his 25 years of service to the county. He also had fun in his early years keying "morse code" across the continent, communicating with fellow enthusiasts.

Elizabeth "Bette" Johnson WB9PKJ 1922-2010

Elizabeth "Bette" Johnson, 88, Allouez resident, died Thursday evening, Oct 28, 2010 at a local hospital following a brief illness.  She was born March 27, 1922, in Marquette, MI to the late Edward and Florence (Tousignant) Reau.  Bette married Claude Johnson Nov. 29, 1941, at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral.  She was a member of the Green Bay "Mike and Key" club for many years.  Bette babysat for many area area families over the years, sharing her knowledge, support and time with the children and their families.  She was a charter member of Resurrection Parish.

William F. Johnston W9NZL 1925-2008

William F. Johnston, Ph.D., age 82, of Woodruff, WI, died on Wednesday, February 6, 2008, in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

He was born on Sept. 28, 1925, in Dubuque, IA, to Frank and Margaret (McFarland) Johnston. Bill grew up in Alma, WI, and graduated from Alma High School. He received his undergraduate degree from UW-Platteville and master's degree and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin.

On Dec. 30, 1947, Bill married Gladys Mueller. This union was blessed with five children.

Bill devoted his life to teaching, including twelve years of teaching at the high school level and twenty-nine years as a professor of mathematics and computer science at UW-Whitewater.

He served for three years as an enlisted man in the U.S. Navy during WWII and continued as an officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve for an additional twenty-four years. He was an active member of the American Legion, Knights of Columbus, and enjoyed many years of serving as a Boy Scout leader.

Bill and Gladys enjoyed traveling together as well as working regularly as volunteers at a local hospital and a variety of other organizations.

William H. Juhre W9IMQ 1903-1976

Bill Juhre 72, De Pere, an artist, art teachers and cartoonist, died Friday at a Stevens Point hospital. Juhre once was an illustrator for the Tarzan series that ran in comic pages and later had his  own syndicated cartoon, The Orbits, which was carried in 93 newspapers. He began his career as a  cartoonist for the Milwaukee Journal and worked several years for the Green Bay Press-Gazette. He  also taught at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Survivors include his wife and five

Edward J. Kehoe W9NXA 1914-1999

Edward J. Kehoe, 2064 West Vista Circle, De Pere, died peacefully at home with his family on the evening of Sunday Aug. 8, 1999.  He was born in Peshtigo, WI to the late Edward F. and Irene (Bronoel) Kehoe on Feb. 26, 1914.  He attended schools in Peshtigo and Marinette, WI and graduated from St. Joseph High School in Marinette.  He attended Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Ed married Joyce Miller on June 25, 1941. He was employed as an engineer by James River (Fort James) Inc. until his retirement in 1989.  He continued to work as a consulting engineer until 1996.  He was a member of Board of Directors of the Brown County Association for Retarded Citizens for some thirty years and served as president.  He was a dedicated volunteer for Cerebral Palsy Incorporated until his death.  He was a Lector of Old St. Joseph Catholic Parish, De Pere. 

George E. Klak W9EFL 1899-1970

George E. Klak 71, of 1612 Fairlawn Ave died Monday Dec 21, 1970 in a San Jose hospital after a long illness.  A native of Wisconsin, Klak server in the Navy during World Wars I and II and as a reserve officer during the Korean War.  He retired from the Navy in 1958 after 24 years service with the rank of commander.

Klak came to California 14 years ago and moved to Santa Clara County in 1959.  Prior to moving to California he was a science teacher at East High School in Green Nay, WI. He held B.A. and M.A. degrees in biology and was a professor at San Jose State College for 10 years until he retired in June 1969.  He was a member of the Holy Name Society of St. Christopher's Church and the Wisconsin Academy of Science.

He is survived by his wife, Ethel and his 2 children, and 5 grandchildren

Paul J. Kehl W9GFL 1913-1968

Paul J. Kehl, 1581 Kimball St, died in a local hospital Friday May 24 after a short illness.  He was born in Faraboult, Minn, and had been a Green Bay Resident for the past 48 years.  He was a master electrician and audio engineer, served as city radio engineer for about 20 years and was associated with his father at Kehl Electric Co.  For the past 8 years he owned and operated the A.B. Communications Service Inc.  He was a ham radio operator and was an official observer for the American Radio Relay League.  

He was member of the DX Century Club and the Knights of Columbus Council 4505.  Mr. Kehl married the former Pearl Vincent in 1936.

Edmund C. Liebert W9UMJ 1921-1996

Edmund C. Liebert, 76, of 908 N. Buchanan St. died Saturday November 2,1996.  He was born March 12, 1921 in Green Bay to the late Charles and Minnie (Reschke) Liebert.  On August 14, 1943 he married Adeline Williquette.  She preceded him in deal in June 1980.  He served in the US Air Force in World War II and was a life member of the "Mighty Eighth" (The 8th Air Force Historical Society)  Mr. Liebert managed Bosse's New Depot until his retirement.  Since, he has been a member of the Retired Mens Club.  He was also a member of the American Legion Sullivan-Wallen Post #11.  He enjoyed operating amateur radio, call # W9UMJ.  He was also a life member of the NRA.

William "Bill" G. Lindeke W9BVL/K9GG 1923-1989

William (Bill) Lindeke Sr., 65, 816 N. Clay St., De Pere, died Monday morning, Feb. 13, 1989 in a local hospital.  The son of Marie (Koehn) Lindeke and the late William F. Lindeke was born August 8, 1923 in Sheboygan.  He was a resident of this area for 40 years.  He served in the US Coast Guard during World War II.  Bill and the former June Roth were married December 29, 1945 in Sheboygan. Bill was Transmitter-Engineer for WBAY for 28 years.  He helped put WBAY-TV on the air; Chief Transmitter-Engineer for WPNE, Channel 38 for 8 years, a past president of De Pere Optimist Club; past Lieutenant Governor for the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Optimist District.  Bill was a lifetime member of the A.R.R.L; a member of S.B.E; St. John Lutheran Church, DePere and a past member of the Church Council.

Col. George H. Lord W9NNL 1905-1962

Col. Geroge H. Lord, 58 of 500 N. Platten St, died Friday September 14 at a local hospital after a short illness.  Col. Lord was a member of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Retired Reserve Officers Association.

Joseph C. Lotter W9JBU/W9FFX 1901-1977

Joseph C. Lotter, 76, 524 S. Main St., Seymour, died Tuesday Nov 22 at a Green Bay Hospital following a long illness.  He was born Aug 19, 1901 in Seymour to Anna and Anton Lotter Jr.  Mr. Lotter attended Seymour public schools and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin in 1923.

Mr. Lotter was in partnership with his brother, Victor in the Lotter Machine Company, and latter operated a television sales and service business until his retirement in 1967.

He was a member of the St. John Catholic Church, Seymour, the Knights of Columbus, and was a past-president of the Seymour Kiwanis Club.  He was also active in other civic activities.

Victor W. Lotter W9DRI 1899-1988

Victor W. Lotter, 88, 121 E. High St., Seymour, died unexpectedly Tuesday morning, Feb 2, 1988 at his home.  He was born July 21,1899 in Seymour, the son of the late Anyone and Anna (Liebhaber) Lotter.  On Sept 14, 1933 he was united in marriage to Lucille Landwehr.  Mr. Lotter was a lifelong resident of the area and was owner and operator of the Lotter Machine Co. in Seymour until his retirement.

Mr. Lotter was operator of W9DRI Amateur Radio Station and was very active in amateur radio.  He was member of the St. John Catholic Church in Seymour; the Holy Name Society and the Knights of Columbus.

Ronald I. Mac Donald W9BKD 1909-1976

R.I. (Mac) Mac Donald, 66, 1348 Desnoyers Street, died Saturday May 22nd, in a local hospital.

Born October 7, 1909 in De Pere, he was a graduate of West High School, attended St. Norbert College and graduated from the National Radio Institute, Washington D.C.  He married the former Ruby Zettel on June 17, 1928 at Sturgeon Bay. He as a supervisor of the engineering department at WBAY-TV.

He was a past president of the St. Vincent De Paul Society and the National Electronic Television Association; a member of the Knights of Columbus, Council No. 5382, the Quarter Century Wireless Association and the Mid-West Country Cousins Radio Association; co-founder and past president of the WBAY Credit Union, was an active member of St. Jude's Catholic Church, where he was chairman of the financial committee and secretary-treasurer of the St. Vincent De Paul Society and was a charter member of the Green Bay Mike and Key Club and Northeastern VHF Society.

Harvey A. Mattes, K9DOL/W9UBX 1902-1972

Harvey A. Mattes, 67, 2759 Shawano Ave., died Tuesday Nov 14th in a local hospital.  Mr. Mattes was a radio and television technician since radio came into being and retired in January 1972 from Northern Radio and TV.

Russell W. Mott W9AHH 1913-2007

Russell W. Mott, loving husband and father, 94, De Pere, died Wednesday, March 21, 2007.  He was born to Walter R. and Mayme (Alft) Mott on March 14, 1913, in Green Bay and educated in the Green Bay public schools. 

After graduation in January of 1931, he worked at the Columbus Community Club as a pin boy, custodial janitor, chief of service and as the assistant lane manager.  In 1936, he took the examination for postal clerk, was put on the eligible substitute list and in 1937 was called in by the assistant postmaster to do all the paperwork to start Social Security in the Green Bay and Brown County area.  In May of 1939, he was appointed as a substitute clerk in the Green Bay Post Office.  

On Oct. 4, 1940, he married the former Lorraine Schuster of Suring, Wis. In November of 1942, he was called into military service and served in the Pacific Theater in the Philippines, Okinawa and Japan as a Japanese code intercept operator. He was discharged in February of 1946 with the rank of technical sergeant. He returned to work at the post office as a regular clerk.  

He was elected secretary-treasurer of the Green Bay Bowling Association in June of 1970 and at the same time was appointed to the board of directors of the Wisconsin State Bowling Association and was state president for the 1988 to 1989 bowling season. He resigned as secretary-treasurer of the Green Bay Bowling Association in June of 1980. He is a past president, life member in the Bowling Hall of Fame of the Wisconsin State Bowling Association and was a life member in the Bowling Hall of Fame of the Green Bay Bowling Association. He was secretary-treasurer of the Press-Gazette Individual Tournament of 10 years.  

Russ was an amateur radio operator with the call of W9AHH for over 50 years. He was a member of the Sullivan-Wallen Post #11 of the American Legion for over 58 years, a 50-year member of the Green Bay Mike & Key Club, a member of the 40 et 8 society of the American Legion, Elks, Narfe, St. Joseph Holy Name Society and Downtown Kiwanis Club. 

He was also a member of the American Legion Packer Color Guard and the Retired Men's Club. Russ enjoyed bowling, hunting, fishing, reading and attending Packer games, which he did for over 77 years — an avid fan. He retired from the post office on May 30, 1971, after 32 years of service.

Louis H. Pansier W9LYX 1925-1971

Louis H. Pansier, 45 916 Park St., died Tuesday Jan 26 in a local hospital.  Mr. Pansier, a veteran of World War II, served three years in the Army.  He was chief meter reader for the Green Bay Water Dept. where he was employed for the past 20 years.  Mr. Pansier was a member of and past commander of the Order of Purple Heart, a member of the Mike and Key Club, and was active in civil defense.

Elhart "Earl" F. Nelsen W9DER 1912-1992

Elhart F. Nelsen, 80, 4064 Linden Lane, village of Howard, died Friday, Dec. 11, 1992 , at a local hospital. 

He was born Sept. 16, 1912 in Pound, WI to the late John T. and Mary (Horkman) Nelsen.  He married Leona Sauve in 1944.  The moved to the Green Bay from Chicago in 1959 and have lived here since that time.  He had been active in Boy Scouting and served as an adult leader for Troop 113 in the Village of Howard.

Meredith "Mert" T. Nielsen K9CZC 1919-1997

Meredith (Mert) T. Nielsen, 78, Green Bay, died Saturday, October 4, 1997 at his home.  He was born March 18,1919, in Royalton,WI, to the late Theodore and Mary (Smith) Nielsen.  During World War II, Mr. Nielsen served in the US Army Air Corp.  On June 13, 1942 he married Agnes Kwaterski at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Biloxi, Mississippi.  This past June, they celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary.  For 43 years, he had been employed by the Green Bay & Western Railroad, retiring March 31, 1981.  He had been a member of St. Joseph Parish for 49 years and had also been a member of the Parish Holy Name Society and was an usher.  Mr. Nielsen was a member of the Green Bay Mike & Key Club and operated under the call letters K9CZC.  He was a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America. 

Finley C. "Curt" Peacock 9CTS/W9FIN  1907-2001

Finley C. "Curt" Peacock, 93 dies peacefully at his home on Friday, May 11 2001.  He was born Dec. 29, 1907 in Clinton. Iowa tje son of the late William John and Rose (Curtiss) Peacock.  Curt graduated from West High School and attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio before joining the sale force at Bay West Paper Company.  On Nov. 24, 1932 he married the former Ruth Greiling and the couple enjoyed over 68 years together. Almost all of his business life was spent with one or more of the Mosinee Paper Corporation operations.  He was largely responsible for the development and formation of Mosinee's Calwis Company Division, which he headed since 1945.  He was also president of Green Bay Plastics, which started in 1960.  In in 1970 he became Chairman of the Board of the Mosinee Paper Corporation.

Curt had a passion for gold and was and active member of Onedia Golf and Riding Club. He also enjoyed sailing and belonged to the Green Bay Yacht Club.

Hobart "Hub" N. Paine W9IKY 1894-1966

A retired electrician, Hobart N. Paine, 72, Milwaukee, who lived most of his early life in Stevens Point,  moved to Green Bay in 1943, and later to Milwaukee.  Hobart died Thursday May 19 at a Milwaukee hospital.

Hobart was the son of J.E. Paine.  He married Edith Lorraine Puariea June 2nd, 1920.  

Fredrick "Fred" A. Rahr II W9NNT 1901-1976

Fredrick A. Rahr, 75, 1331 Bellevue St, died Wednesday August 21.  He was born Feb. 23, 1901 in Green Bay to the late Fed and Ellenor Rahr.  Prior to his retirement, he as employed by Wisconsin Public Service as a dispatcher in the engineering department.

Mr. Rahr was a life member of the Wisconsin Alumni and a member of the Six Digit Association.  He was also a member of Washington Lodge  No. 21, Warren Chapter and Warren Comandry, Tripoil Temple, and the Green Bay Shire Club.

Survivors include his wife, a former Margaret Wobesel and one son.

Elmo W. Reed W9VNC 1917-2014

Elmo Wilson Reed passed away December 31 2014.  He was born in Mineral Point, Wisconsin on July 22, 1917 to the late Albert and Lulu Reed. Elmo spent the majority of his early years living in Freeport, Illinois. He graduated from Freeport High School in 1935 and went on to study broadcasting at the RCA School of Radio Engineering in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1941, Elmo was drafted into the United States Army and was assigned to the Air Corps. He was trained as a technical radar operator and spent the next three years in England and the European war zone as part of the 1076th Signal Company. During that time, he was promoted to Second Lieutenant in the field. He was on his way to the Pacific in 1945 when the war ended. In 1946, he married June Ernst in Duncan, Nebraska. They moved to Rockford, IL where Elmo worked for WROK Radio Station. In 1947, Elmo accepted a position as Chief Engineer for WJPG Radio Station in Green Bay, WI. In 1962, Elmo and his family moved to Eau Claire, WI when he became Chief Engineer of WEAU-TV. After four years, Elmo returned to Green Bay to become Vice President of Engineering for Post Corporation. He held this position until he retired in 1984.

Elmo was active in many professional organizations including the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and the Society of Broadcast Engineers. In 1991, he was the first Broadcast Engineer to be inducted into the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He also served on the Brown County Civil Defense Organization and was a member of the American Legion Post #11.

Elmo was active in numerous community organizations including the Community Chest, YMCA, Red Cross, Boy Scouts, Bellin Memorial Hospital Board of Directors, Wisconsin and the First United Methodist Church. 

Elmo loved his family and enjoyed summer family times in Nebraska and at Wisconsin resorts. The family took many trips throughout the United States, Europe, India and South Korea. He was an avid reader, especially reading WWII and train books.

Laurence H. Robbins W9LID 1916-1995

Laurence H. Robbins, 78, 644 S. Superior St. De Pere, died Friday May 19, 1995, after a short illness. He was born July 16, 1916 in Correctionville, Iowa to the late Paul and Georgia Robbins.

He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II. On May 7, 1985, he married Margaret Batten in Newark, Ohio.

In 1978 he retired from the Federal Aviation Agency where he was employed as an electronics specialist. He was a member of the VFW post numner 5450.

Oliver D. Davis, 93, Green Bay, passed away on Saturday, January 5, 2013.

He was born on February 17, 1919 in Green Bay to the late Norman & Minnie Davis.

Oliver graduated from East High School.

He loved Ham Radio, his call letters were W9WLZ.

As a young man he built his own radio equipment, he would repair radio equipment in his parent's basement.

Oliver belonged to the Green Bay Mike & Key Club.

When Oliver was younger he worked part time as a projectionist for the local theaters. He started his own Audio Visual Company that he ran for 66 years. He also worked for Gabe's Appliance Store.
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Richard C. Shafer W9URY 1922-2002

Fr. Shafer was always interested in people's thoughts. He and Fr. Gerald Foley had been friends since Fr. Shafer was pastor at Fr. Foley's home parish, St. John, Seymour (1967-73). Fr. Foley was a chaplain in Vietnam and met Fr. Shafer while home on leave.

"He was a very people-oriented person," Fr. Foley said. "He always had time for people. He never hurried. He gave you all the time you needed."

Fr. Foley, who lunched with Fr. Shafer weekly, said people energized his friend. "He'd walk into a restaurant and just stop and talk with people, whether he knew them or not," Fr. Foley said. "When he helped at parishes, he'd arrive a half hour early to meet people and talk with them. After Mass, he was always the last to leave."

After retirement, Fr. Shafer provided weekend help at parishes; currently at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral and St. John in Green Bay. He also celebrated Monday Mass at St. Patrick Parish in Green Bay, and did so the day he died.

"The people loved him," said Msgr. Brian Coleman, pastor at St. Patrick. "When I announced his death on Tuesday, there was an audible gasp in the church. Some women started crying. And even some men got teary-eyed."

Msgr. Coleman, assistant judicial vicar, also worked with Fr. Shafer on annulments and appreciated the senior priest's 43 years of experience in tribunal cases. "He never said 'No' to anything. He was always willing to help," Msgr. Coleman said.

Fr. Shafer loved short-wave radio, a hobby begun while administrator at Menasha's St. Mary High School in 1958. His station, W9URY, linked him to people across the globe and its trusty antenna followed him to pastoral assignments at Glenmore and Stark, Seymour and St. Paul in Wrightstown. Retirement to a Green Bay apartment temporarily curtailed that hobby -- until friends located an in-room antenna -- so he became certified as a PC specialist.

Computers were an early interest and he was the first priest to place parish records on computer. He was also a pioneer in parish use of catechetical materials during the 1960s and 1970s.

Another love was sailing. Even though health problems had grounded him, Fr. Foley recalled him prowling the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Harbor, studying the boats in dock.

With all his interests, Fr. Shafer will be most remembered as caring about others. He was devoted to friends and visited his former housekeeper, 96-year-old Veronica Kennedy, in the nursing home nearly every morning.

Charles J. Sanders WD9CLL 1914-1998

Charles J. Sanders, 84, Allouez, died Saturday Oct. 4, 1998 at home.  The son of the late Louis and Theresa (Golueke) Sanders was born March 24, 1914, in De Pere. He married Guinevere Janssen on Aug 22, 1938 in Robinsonville.  Charles worked at Paper Converting Co. for 33 years prior to his retirement in 1976.  He received the Fort Howard Award for Valor in 1977.

Robert "Bob" W Sanders, Jr N9LXM 1956-2011

Robert W. Sanders Jr., 54, township of Lawrence, formerly of Berlin, died peacefully at his home on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

He was born in Berlin on Nov. 26, 1956, the son of Robert and Bernice Sanders. He attended Berlin Public Schools and was a 1975 graduate of Montello High School. Robert served four years in the U.S. Navy He was a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Green Bay for 30 years.

Arthur W. Schmidt W9VGL 1918-2000

Arthur W. Schmidt, 81, Green Bay, died Tuesday morning March 7, 2000 at a local nursing home. Arthur was born Dec 17,1918 in Sherwood, Wis to the late Arthur and Alvina (Russ) Schmidt.  He breifly served in the U.S. Army prior to marring the former Armella Reininger on Oct 31, 1942 at St. Mary's Parish in Greenleaf.  After operating his own business as an auto mechanic for a period of time, he acquired a position with Hudson-Sharpe Machine Co., which later became FMC Corp.  He was employed at FMC in various roles until his retirement in 1980, at which time he held the position of shop superintendent.  Arthur was an amateur radio operator for 50 years with his call letters being W9VGL.  He also enjoyed playing the organ and building model trains and cars.

Carlton O. Schaaf W9QYH 1922-1993

Carlton O. Schaaf, age 70 of 1605 S. Ridge Road died Friday, Jan 1,1993 at his home.  He was born Feb 18 1922 in Sheboygan to the late Adolph and Rose (Kremer) Schaaf.

Carl spent many years enjoying amateur radio as W9QYH and had received his operating license at age 16.  He applied his knowledge of electronics and communication in the Army Air Force during World War II.  During the time, has instructed servicemen at Truax Field in Madison and Scott Field in Belleville, IL, and earned the rank of Sergeant.  Both of his sons and a grandson have received their amateur radio operators licenses and continue to carry on Carl's love for amateur radio.  He had been an active member of the Mike and Key Club of Green Bay.

On Feb. 5, 1944 he married Fern Brunette.  Carl was a great fisherman and shared many happy times camping with his family in the northwoods of Wisconsin.  He loved nature and commented often how he saw God in all of its spendor.

For 32 years, he worked as a television engineer at WBAY-TV and in his retirement enjoyed selling speciality products for Newton Manufacturing Co.  He was a member of the United Commercial Travelers.  he was also an active lector and eucharistic minister.  Carl was a loving husband and devoted much of his time and energy to his children and actively participated  in their many interests.  

Since 1981, Carl has bravely battled rheumatoid arthritis. 

Arthur W. Schmidt W9VGL 1918-2000

Arthur W. Schmidt, 81, Green Bay, died Tuesday morning, March 7, 2000, at a local nursing home.  Arthur was born December 14, 1918, in Sherwood, WI to the late Arthur and Alvina (Russ) Schmidt.  He briefly served in the US Army prior to marring the former Armella Reiniger on October 31, 1942 at St. Mary's Parish in Greenleaf.  After operating his own business as an auto mechanic for a period of time, he acquired a position with Hudson-Sharpe Machine, Co., which later became FMC Corp.  He was employed at FMC in various roles until his retirement in 1980, at which time he held the position of shop superintendent.  Arthur was an amateur radio operator for 50 years with his call letters being W9VGL.  He also enjoyed playing the organ and building modem trains and cars.  Arthur's greatest joy was spending time with his family.

Gregory J. Schneider W9IEI 1939-2008

Gregory J. Schneider (W9IEI), 69, Appleton passed away on Nov. 18, 2008, after a short battle with lung cancer at a hospice home in Weslaco, Texas.

Ora L. Showers W9RNS 1919-1995

Ora M. Showers, 75, of Schmitt Park, Green Bay, passed away March 18, 1995 at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital in Iron Mountain, Mich. after a nine month illness. She was born to the late Hugh and Florence (VornHolt) Miller on June 19, 1919, of Aniwa, Wis.

Ora graduated from the Antigo Public Schools and from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a degree in English and education. She was named a Phi Beta Kappan for her distinguished academic work.

In March of 1941 she married Robert E. Showers, Jr. while they were both beginning teachers in the Waupaca Public Schools. Shortly after, she and Robert moved to the Green Bay area where she initially taught for the UW Extension Division. She then taught 20 years for Green Bay Public Schools at Preble High where she was the department chair, for UW-Green Bay briefly, and finally for 15 years at St. Norbert College where she especially enjoyed working with the international students and their English language needs. She retired in December of 1993 but continued to teach the adult Sunday School class at Grace Presbyterian Church of Green Bay. She enjoyed active membership there as a deaconess, liturgist and as a chair of numerous committees.

Ora was an avid gardener and wildlife enthusiast. She enjoyed third year French class and writing poetry. She was a member of the NEA, the WEA, the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and of the Order of the Eastern Star, White Shrine.

Robert "Bob" E. Showers  W9HDV 1917-1980

Robert E. Showers, 62,  past away Saturday, May 24. He was born Oct. 30, 1917 in Madison to the late R. Earl and Blanche Showers. He married Ora Miller March 29, 1941 in Iowa. Mr. Showers taught in Lodi and Waupaca and came to Green Bay in 1941, retiring in 1979.

He was a member of Grace Presbyterian Church; Roosevelt Lodge No. 322, F & AM; past high priest of Warran Chapter No. 8 Palatine Commandry No. 20 K.T.; past president of the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers Association and the Green Bay Teachers Association; NEA, Wisconsin Education Association; NSTA and AAAS. He was honored for 39 years of consecutive service to Phi Delta Kappa and was also honored by the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers for outstanding educational service in science and mathematics.

Mr. Showers taught at UW-Madison, the UW-Extension in Green Bay and NWTI. He was very active in amateur radio and civil defense. He was credited with many works and publications in textbooks.

Harlan P. Sieth NQ9F 1924-2011

Harlan P. Sieth, age 87, died Friday, February 25, 2011 at Care Partners in Little Chute following a brief illness. Harlan was born January 30, 1924, in Appleton to the late Edgar and Mabel (Junge) Sieth. He was a graduate of Appleton High School’s class of 1942. Harlan Proudly served his country during WWII in the Army. He received his Bachelors from the University of Wisconsin Madison where he served as First Lieutenant in the ROTC. He then went on to receive two Masters Degrees at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

After graduating college, Harlan worked as an electrical engineer for Northrop Grumman for 32 years, retiring in 1989. In February of 1946, he was united in marriage to Mary Jane Hoffman. In June of 1975, he was married to Mary Jane Brault. Harlan was a lifelong member of Appleton VFW Post #2778. He held an amateur radio license and enjoyed the many friends he met through the years working with his radio.

Harlan purchased and converted all of those EF Johnson UHF radios back in the late 80's & early 90's, so Mike & Key members could use the 443.500 MHz repeater.

Harry P. Staszak W9TKZ/WB9WAT 1913-1988

Harry P. Staszak, 84, 1010 Wilson Ave, died Saturday April 9th, at a local hospital.  He was born Aug 1, 1913 in Chicago, IL to the late Casmier and Hattie (Nitka) Staszak.

Mr. Staszak was a ham radio operator and was also in the television service business for many years.

Joseph "Joe" A. Taylor W9OMT/W9JO 1937-2002

Taylor, Joseph A. - Ret. Chief Engineer KSTP TV 1937-2002 Age 65, of St. Paul, on December 12, 2002. 

Joseph worked for 20 yrs. as Chief Engineer at WBAY TV, Green Bay, and 10 yrs. as Chief Engineer for KSTP TV. As Joe would say, 'Let's get the troops out of the hot sun.'

William F. Terp W9FGH 1906-1972

William F. Terp, 65, 1616 Jay Lane, died Monday May 1st at a local hospital.  Born Sept. 17, 1906 in Green Bay to Peter and Lydia Terp, he married the former Venita Bechendorf on Sept. 6, 194 in Green Bay.  Mr. Terp was a partner in Terp Bros. Lincoln-Mercury Garage from 1959 to 1963, and then became a salesman for Packer City Plymouth until 1969.  Since that time he had been a representative for the Greer Technical Institute.  Mr. Terp was the financial secretary at Pilgrim Lutheran Church.  Survivors are his wife; one son, two daughters, six brothers and eight grandchildren. 

Orin C. Thompson W9KIZ 1908-2002

Orin C. Thompson, 93, of Wisconsin Rapids (formerly of De Pere) died Monday, June 10, 2002, at the Riverview Manor in Wisconsin Rapids.  Orin was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Evelyn. He will be deeply missed by his three children, grandchildren and one great-grandchild.  Many people in the De Pere-Green Bay area will remember Orin as a dedicated lodge member in both the Masons and Oddfellows, as W9KIZ, member of the Mike and Key Club and the Choo Choo Net and a regular voice on the airwaves; as an active member of De Pere's First Presbyterian Church where he  served as elder, superintendent of the Sunday school and leader of Cub and Boy Scout troops, as the man who played the music for De Pere's high school and summer park dances in the 1950's ad 1960's and as an independent business man who repaired thousands of radios and televisions sets. Orion was a man of gentle ways and generosity, a man who mentored many and a man whose sense of humor and story-telling brought laughter.

Clayton J. Toonen 1923-2011

Clayton J. Toonen, 88 of Green Bay, died Friday, March 4, 2011 at a local nursing home. 

He was born February 2, 1923 in Green Bay to Christian and Olivia (Savanjo) Toonen. Clayton is a graduate of Central Catholic High School and St. Norbert College. During World War II he served in the U.S. Army, during which Mr. Toonen was award the Purple Heart. On Sept. 4, 1947 he married Rita Cegelski at St. Mary’s of the Angles Catholic Church. For 25 years Clayton taught English, Journalism and Mechanical Drawing at Premontre High School. During his time at Premontre he was responsible for starting the schools’ radio station, giving Kevin Harlan and Mark Daniels their starts in NFL broadcasting. In 2008 Clayton published a novel, “The Chess Game – A Game of Life”. 

Charles T. Urban  W9ZEQ/K3IVI 1926-2012

Charles Urban was born in Sea Isle, New Jersey in 1926 attended Annunciation Elementary School in Philadelphia and was graduated from Southeast Catholic in 1944.  That same year he joined the Merchant Marines and subsequently was appointed a Cadet Mid-Shipman and sent to Kings Point, Long Island until 1947.

After summer school at St. Norbert College, Charlie joined the Order in 1947 and was ordained to the presbyterate in 1954.  Appointed to the faculty of Southeast Catholic from 1955 until 1959; he taught physics and math.  Summers during those years were spent at Villanova and the University of Connecticut.  After a year at Archmere he was assigned to Premontre until 1962 when he again joined the newly formed faculty at Bishop Neumann High School until 1967.

Retiring from teaching, Charlie became a chaplain at Haverford State Hospital in 1967 with residence at Daylesford Priory.  A sabbatical in 1979 gave him the opportunity to be a chaplain-at-sea with worldwide travels.  In 1980 he functioned as assistant pastor of St. Norbert Parish in Paoli and from 1981 until 1985 as chaplain at Pennhurst State Hospital in Spring City, Pennsylvania with residence at Daylesford.

Charlie was a radio ham operator all his life as well as a photographer and lapidary artist.  It was not unusual to hear him grinding stones and metal into pieces of jewelry at all times of the day and night and then selling the pieces at local art fairs.

Charlie spent the final years of his life at St. Catherine Infirmary in Germantown, PA where he died March 9 in 2012 at the ago of 86.

John W. Varney W9YDY/AG9K 1918-1993

John W. Varney, 74, Cloverleaf Lakes, Shawano County, and Mesa, Arizona, and formerly of Green Bay, passed away Friday morning, Feb. 5, 1993, at home after a courageous fight against leukemia.  He was born April 3, 1918, in Manawa and was a lifetime resident in the Green Bay area.

He had been employed as a supervisor of electrical engineering at Paper Converting Machine Company for 28 years, retiring in 1984.  He was a master electrician, registered professional engineer and he operation amateur radio station AG9K.  He served in the Navy in the Pacific during WWII.  He was a member of Sts. Edward and Isidore Parish.  He married the former Marion (Tiny) Gillespie on April 29, 1940 at St. John's Catholic Church, Green Bay.

"Jerry Van" Gerald VanDen Wymelenberg  W9VOW 1916-2012

Gerald Van Den Wymelenberg, "Jerry Van", 95, passed away on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012, with family by his side and with him in prayer. He was born on Aug. 23, 1916, in the Village of Wrightstown, to the late Arnold and Eleanore Van Den Wymelenberg.

On May 4, 1940, he married Marie Hendricks at St. Mary's Catholic Church in De Pere. In 2006, Gerald and Marie celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary prior to Marie's death on Dec. 2, 2006. The Van's have been longtime members of Annunciation Parish where Jerry was an usher and a member of the Finance Committee.

Jerry graduated from St. Norbert High School in 1935. After graduation, he began working with his father at Van's Hardware on Dousman Street in Green Bay. The Van family operated the store until the sale of the business in 1973.

In 1958, Jerry and John Van (his brother) purchased land and built the Downtowner Motel on Washington Street in Green Bay. The late Bernard Garot was also a partner until 1973. In 1993, the business was sold to Jerry's son, Paul. He continued working with his son in the business until 2010, when he became a resident of Renaissance Assisted Living.

Jerry was appointed to the Green Bay Planning Commission from 1964 to 2004. He also served on the Brown County Planning Commission from 1974 to 2001.

Jerry was a founding member of the Ecumenical Foundation, which was formed in 1981. He served as Treasurer for the Newman Center at UW-Green Bay.

Jerry was involved in the banking industry for 23 years serving as a Director for West Bank & Trust, United Bank, Valley Bank and M&I.

He served on the Advisory Board of St. Mary's Hospital for 23 years. Jerry promoted and attended retreats at Monte Alverno Retreat House in Appleton for 37 years. He was a member of the Visitor & Convention Bureau for 25 years. He was also a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Since 1935, he was an Amateur Radio operator, with call letters--W9VOW. During the Korean War, he relayed messages for Army personnel to their loved ones in the Green Bay area. He was a Charter Member of Green Bay Mike & Key Club since 1946.

James A. Wagner, W9STY 1901-1982

James Wagner was born in Cleveland, WI in 1901 and entered the Order in 1922 professing solemn vows in 1927.  As a frat, Jimmy took on the responsibilities of a teacher and the disciplinarian of St. Norbert High.

In 1927 he became the manager of  manager of radio station WHBY which operated from the fourth floor of Boyle Hall. In 1928, he opened studios in Green Bay, Appleton, and Oshkosh. In 1935, WTAQ, a much more powerful station was purchased and opened with the broadcasting of the High Mass from the National Shrine, which continued well into the 1950’s.  The college had the distinction of being the only college in the country that had two full time radio stations under its control.

From assistant pastor at St. Willibrord in 1932, Jimmy became pastor and superior of the rectory/priory in 1939. A transfer, by newly elected Coadjutor Abbot Killeen, in 1947 took him to the pastorship of St. William in Shelby, Montana, where he remained until 1960, when he became the pastor of St. Mary’s in Chester. In 1967, he was appointed to St. John’s in Somonauk, Illinois, until his retirement at the abbey in 1971. Jim died on Monday, March 1, 1982 at the age of 80.

Charles "Leo" Westerman W9BWZ/W9HID 1902-1993

C. Leo Westerman, 91, Darlington, WI, and formerly of Green Bay, died Monday, November 15, 1993 at LaFayette County Manor, Darlington, WI.  He was born on September 3, 1902 in Darlington, WI, the son of Charles W. and Rose E. (McGuire) Westerman.  He worked as an electrical engineer in Green Bay, and a civilian employee at Scotts Field, IL where he taught electronics, and was a chief engineer at a television station in Ishpeming, MI.  He was a licensed ham radio operator since 1921.  He was a member of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Darlington, WI, and Knights of Columbus in Michigan.

Daniel J. Wiese WA9UXM 1950-1999

Dan J. Wiese, 49, Green Bay died unexpectedly Wednesday Nov 10, 1999, at his home.  He was born Feb 25, 1950, in Green Bay to Anna (Piontek) Wiese and the late Carl Wiese.  He was a graduate of West High School, class of 1969, and attended an electronic school in Madison, where he made his home for many years.  He was employed by Digital Equipment (Compaq) for 25 years.  He was an avid ham radio operator and was a Packer backer.  Dan was a member of Annunciation.