Green Bay Broadcast Station History:

April 1925 - Green Bay/ Brown County's first radio station, WHBY goes on the air.  Started by the Norbertine Fathers.

July 1935 - The Norbertine's purchase the WTAQ station (originally in Eau Claire started in 1922) and move it to De Pere to obtain a higher power station license. WHBY is moved to Appleton.  By 1949 the WTAQ call letters are changed to WBAY-AM.

May 1947 - Ben Laird founds Green Bay Broadcasting and starts WDUZ-AM.

October 1947 - Green Bay's first FM station WJPG goes on the air.  Started by the Journal Press Gazette (Green Bay Newspaper Company).  101.1 FM  Elmo Reed is the Chief Engineer.  It goes defunct by 1954, as it's too early for FM yet.

March 1953 - WBAY-TV, Green Bay's first TV station.  Started by the Norbertine Fathers.

November 1954 - Neenah Menasha Broadcasting Company begins broadcasting as Channel 5 on Scray's hill leasing the tower of the former WJPG-FM.  Harry Hill is the Chief Engineer.

August 1959 - WLUK-TV Channel 11 moves from Marinette to Green Bay.  (Started as WMBV-TV in 1954)

August. 7, 1967 - Packers quarterback Bart Starr helps a Green Bay radio station unveil its new call letters. WJPG, then still owned by the Press-Gazette, becomes WNFL.

September 1972 - WPNE public television comes to life.

August 1974 - WGBW, UWGB's student run radio station begins broadcasting.  The transmitter is atop the library.  In 1993 the transmitter is moved to Scray's hill.  In 1996 the station is sold.

September 1975 - The Norbertine Fathers sell all radio assets due a pending FCC requirements concerning the number of media outlets owned by one entity.  WBAY-FM became WIXX, WBAY-AM, became WGEE in 1975.  WHBY was sold to Telegraph-Herald Inc.  They sold WBAY-AM and WBAY-FM station to Midwest Communications/Duke Wright.

February 1976 - Green Bay Premontre High School's low power station, WGBP is started by Clayton Toonen.

January 1980 - WLRE-TV Channel 26, Green Bay's 5th TV station, goes on the air.

September 1981 - WDUZ founder Ben Laird passes away.  He founded WDUZ in 1947 though the Green Bay Broadcasting Company.  The station was originally located downtown in the Nicolet Building. They added a FM station in 1967.

March 5, 1984 - WXGZ-TV 32 signed on.  February 10, 1992 is goes dark due to bankruptcy. Lyle Evans found the station a new owner and the station signed back on in June 1994 as WACY.

December 1984 - WDUZ's tower insulator cracks and prompts an evacuation of the immediate area.

March 1994, Passing of Cletus J. Collom who built Green Bay's first radio station WHBY. He also founded Weltronics Company, a resistive welding controls pioneer.  He developed the Magnaflux process and the first walkie-talkie for the U.S. Army.

March 2006 - Passing of Lyle Evans who started Green Bay's first UHF TV station in December 1980.

December 2014 - passing of Elmo W. Reed the engineer behind Green Bay' first FM station WJPG-FM.






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Scray's Hill is a summit in Brown County just South of De Pere.  Much of the hill is in the Town of Glenmore, some of its North-western edges are in the Town of Ledgeview. Scray's Hill climbs to 892 feet above sea level with the following coordinates: Latitude 44.4161037 , Longitude -87.9967683. Scray Hill is home to several area television and radio station towers as well as Brown Counties Central Water Storage project.

Scray's hill is part of the ledge, or Niagara Escarpment, which is a long, steep slope, the edge of a plateau stretching from New York to Wisconsin. 

The Scray's were among the first settlers on the hill, who were settlers from Holland. They farmed, quarried, and put in the first road on the hill. 

Urban Legend: The nearby golf course that used to bear the name Mystery Hills (now Ledgeview Golf Course) got its name from a magic spot on the road. Many have said you could turn off the car, put it in neutral and the car would roll up hill.

From about 1960 thru 1980 there little ski hill called "The Pink Panther Ski Area" on Scray's Hill.

Scray Hill Park is a 28 acre park established in 2008.