Amatuer Scrollsaw Project

Last Labor day weekend, I learned a major lesson on the care and treatment of Amatuer Radio HT's. I learned you never place them in your ditty bag. When I arrived home from a camping trip with my Son and Grandchildren. I discovered my Icom 2sat and my Alinco DJ C5 has both been completely covered with Suave Shampoo. The cap had come off of the bottle somehow and complete destroyed the radios.

As stated on my home page I am living on a Veterens disibility and I cannot afford to replace these radios as easy as some folks would. Needless to say for a week I was quite depressed. Then my son gave me the answer. Dad, he said, you have a computer, you have a scroll saw and you are an Ham. I bet if you think about it you can come up with a way to earn the money you need to replace those HT's. Maybe even get the one you have been wanting for a long time.

Well after thinking about it for awhile I hit upon an idea. I have been creating wood callsign's for some of my Amatuer club members and everyone thought they were great. Maybe, just maybe I could make these and sell them to other members of other clubs.

This week I started on this project. I have sent samples to 3 clubs in hopes that I can get some orders. I do not consider the price of these callsign's as being excessive. Your club has been selected from the Internet. I have also sent your club Secretary a letter and the sample's. I say your club because I have also included in the letter, my web page address. I hope it has led you to this page so you can see just why I am doing this.

If you can please place an order with me.

Thank you

Rodney Smith KB9LNA