145.490 (-.600) 156.7 PL   Covington, Indiana

443.675 (+5.00) 156.7 PL   Williamsport, Indiana

The repeater is currently located on top of the Covington city water tower at the 110' level. The repeater is a Motorola Micor running approximately 25 watts into a VHF mono band antenna. The duplexers are made by Sinclair. The repeater runs on emergency power 24/7. The repeater also has a preamp and encodes 156.7 as well. A huge thank you to thank Lynn NO9Z for all the work he did to get this repeater on the air. He is the prime example of hams helping hams. I would also like to thank Dan (N9UWE), Zach (W9ZTH), Ken (KB9ZOO), Richard (N9ZIU), Courtney (KB9ZYF), & Greg (KA9HPK) for their help & encouragement. Special thanks to Norm (K9FAR) for help with acquiring the repeater site. Thanks to the City of Covington, Fountain County Commissioners, and Emergency Management for use of the repeater location and their understanding of the importance of having a local repeater system available to the ham community in the event of an emergency.

The 440 repeater is now on the air. The 2 meter and 440 repeaters are linked 24/7. Due to linking, users on the 2 meter side need to transmit a few seconds before talking so the first one or two words are not lost. This repeater also decodes 156.7. The squelch tail is almost non-existant. Repeater coverage is very limited at this time. Restricted to portable access in and around Williamsport/Attica. Approximately 15 miles for mobile users.

Echolink now active. Node# 238886. Echolink can be accessed from both repeaters.

Updated: 04-04-2005
e-mail: KB9ILQ at ARRL.NET

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