KB9HGI's Photo Gallery

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KB9HGI Mobile (My GMC 4x4) Year 2000

Side view of my mobile year 2000

This is a picture of the ham shack with the main computer console taken in 2000

My Ham Radio Operating Desk taken in 2000

A picture of me working some DX taken in 2000

Another view of the radio desk

Me kicking back after a long day of dxing

A picture of me getting ready to leave for Iraq

Here is one of me before going to look for Sadam

A picture of the Ham Going Insane

My Dog name Boo

This one is me surfing the net. (notice my girlfriend on the wall isn't she a doll? ...lol

KB9HGI Aug 2007

A picture of me in August 2007

Calling CQ CQ CQ

The New KB9HGI Mobile side view

The New KB9HGI Mobile front view

The new KB9HGI Mobile and Melissa

kb9hgi mobile front view

kb9hgi mobile back view

KB9HGI mobile side view

inside the cock pit

my Yaesu FT-2800m I use for voice mobile

The APRS System mounted in the rear of my jeep. The radio is a Alinco DR-130 and the interface is a tiny tracker 3 plus

another view of the APRS system mounted in the jeep

MY Yaesu FT-450

My station 2009-2010

Me at the radio March 2010


me and my boy tommy at the desk

Real Ham Sign on my wall

MY Corner Shack

My Diamond Triband antenna for 2 440 & 6 meters under it is my 800mhz yagi for Starcom21

My St-2 scanner antenna, Solarcon A99 for 10 and 15 and my G5RV. Man I need a tower and some Antennas