Home Brew Antenna Page

by Steve Baker

Here is some antennas I have found searching the net and from other hams.

Some of these I have tried and others I have not.



Dual Band Copper J pole

2 meter Copper J-pole

2 meter Roll Up J-Pole

2 meter square loop

2 meter Halo

2 meter Portable Beam

2 meter 1/2 wave co-linear

6 meter J-Pole

Versatile Ground Plane

2 meter tape measure Yagi



HF Antennas

10 meter J-Pole

10 meter vertical dipole

G5RV multi-band antenna. (these work great)

NVIS Antenna

Windom Multi-band Antenna

6 Band HF Vertical Compact

Extended Double Zepp HF Antenna

HF Vertical Antenna



Soldering Pl-259 on coax by w8wwv