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Hello and welcome to my Ham Radio Website Quincy, IL. located on the border of Illinois and Missouri. About 120 miles North of St. Louis Missouri. I Been a Ham Radio Operator since 1991 I now have Advance class ticket and not sure if I want to try for Extra class ticket or not. It's kind of nice to have a class license you can no longer get. (hi hi) I'm a member of the ARRL and also a member of 10-10 International  collecting 10-10 numbers. I love Dxing and I also enjoy paper chasing looking for Special Event stations. Along with my ham radio hobby I enjoy building websites which I have several on the net. Do you have  Facebook if so here is the link to  my Facebook.


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I also have a link on Echolink on 147.555 simplex that I use when outside with the HT or mobile around town. Please read Echolink info in top right corner. It's always fun meeting new friends on there. Don't have Echolink yet? go here and download it. Echolink Website Please feel free to connect to my node and give me a call.


I now have APRS in my jeep look at the map below to track me! I also have a

APRS I Gate which reports APRS to the Internet.


Look for me on the digital modes I been playing a lot on PSK31 20 & 40 meter bands.


Most of my stuff is in pdf format so you will need Adobe acrobat reader you can

download it free here.


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Illinois Starcom21 State Wide 2009


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Local Repeaters In Quincy, IL

Freq                  Tone              Callsign
146.940                                   W9AWE
147.030              103.5             W9AWE
147.135              103.5             WB9OTW
147.195              103.5             W9AWE
443.675              186.2             KC9JBD
443.900              103.5             W9AWE

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Salt Lake City Utah

Dallas Texas

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia






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