Emwin program lets you keep track of the weather in your area and even sounds alarms if there happens to be some sever weather for your county, If you set it up to do that. It lists every National Weather Service in the United States so no matter where you live you can receive weather information for your area with charts and weather temps. The program will run on a 486 or bigger machine, But it takes Microsoft Windows 95 or later to run. For those that live in Elkhart County in Indiana we have a full time rebroadcast station that retransmits the goes satellite pictures on the frequency of 147.48 MHz.

For more local information on EMWIN and SKYWARN visit the following:

Down load the EMWIN program


The below pic's are samples of recv'd pic's

storm Boltek - StormTracker Lighting Detection System
      detect and track thunderstorms up to 300 miles away